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  1. chenglei13


    dont use WOT formula seriously ._.
  2. chenglei13

    Tier 10 BB. Yamato vs Montana

    RNG always play a part of a life deciding an accuracy no one knows it hit or not before we see the real thing
  3. chenglei13

    Pause Download

    oh now i know what to do because i allow torrents .... so everytime i do an update he wont resume at that point but at the checkpoint ( kind of )
  4. chenglei13

    Pause Download

    so in other words if i download the amount of total 4.7 in my files they automaticaly done the download ?
  5. chenglei13

    Pause Download

    but i already wait around 5 minutes and its comeback but not at 3.7 point around 2.8 any ideas ?
  6. chenglei13

    Pause Download

    Why when i already download around 3.7 GB / 4.7 GB and i pause it then after i resume it . it becomes 1.3 ? can anyone help me ?
  7. great now we have to dodge like a real marines do ._. seriously ..... turret blown off = broken down forever or still can be repaired ?
  8. wait so they cant deal 1 hit ammo storage like WOT right ? or ?
  9. chenglei13

    There goes my CBT

    so liquid can i ask a question approximately how many people are going in and to be selected as a CBT player ? just wondering if im fast enough
  10. chenglei13

    There goes my CBT

    paitience if you want to play it so badly why not taking some streaming on WOT twitch channel it will put you to a good use though for making some time spend while they giving out the code relax the admin says that they divided us into batches so in other words we will have the code but we have to wait
  11. chenglei13

    There goes my CBT

    umm i think you should remove the link to download it right now ... ? cos it make the rest of the CBT player waiting can download it ?
  12. chenglei13

    There goes my CBT

    say yo do guys said that ur get the mail and things but why dont the tag name changed ? i wonder ?
  13. chenglei13

    There goes my CBT

    dont expect fast respond from the devs ... they have a limited people to do the replying and things
  14. chenglei13

    There goes my CBT

    just reminding to be safe dun want to see someone get warned
  15. chenglei13

    There goes my CBT

    umm dont discuss another game in here the devs said it or mods