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  1. Alaska22

    CV rework day 1 observations

    Well sorry the game has lost it for me, cannot use a DD, Battleships are soft targets and even AA Cruisers get eaten up. Off to find something else.
  2. Alaska22

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    Thanks for your efforts Spotter it is appreciated.
  3. Alaska22

    Tokyo Game Show 2017 flag code FLAGTGSB2017

    Thanks for that Icy
  4. Alaska22


    Thank you worked both times for me
  5. Alaska22

    Free Signals code

    Thank you Mattercore!
  6. Alaska22

    which country should I start with?

    You can sell some of the other Tier 1's to free up slots for your chosen line.
  7. Alaska22

    6.3.2 unable to select ship

    Sorry lots cannot be selected I have to stop playing
  8. Alaska22

    6.3.2 unable to select ship

    Another version of this is I cannot select certain ships eg Cleveland
  9. Alaska22

    Non-stop upgrades

    I still find this the most annoying game for the number of updates. I thought we were through this but we have updates all the time and not communicated. I suppose they think we all have fast internet but I have waited an hour for the last one.
  10. Alaska22

    Thank you WG Asia team.

    Spot on Ralph the last couple of months, where I have come back to play, have been very enjoyable with lots of rewards on offer. Well done WG Asia.
  11. Alaska22

    what is everyone's fun ship?

    My Tier 6 Cruisers that I have just bought, the MM is much more enjoyable than Tier 5.
  12. Alaska22

    Visual bug breaking game

    I also have had this occur on a few occasions and also thought it might be the HUD. However. it flickers on and off from time to time during the game. I am useless in that game as i do not see the ships until close and then do not know if friend or foe until too late. I log off and log back in and it seems to fix it.
  13. Wow thanks guy's I misread this when it came out. Thanks to this thread I bought 10 @ $3 today hoping for premium ships and received Marblehead and the Arizona which was great, just did not expect 90 days premium and 2.5 k doubloons, plus other stuff. Fantastic.
  14. Alaska22

    Non-stop upgrades

    sorry bad English. But every time I log in is a another update. I suggest stop this. Also I am logged out all the time when go to toilet or answer phone, why? And now it is not available this is like AW which I no longer use.
  15. Alaska22

    Non-stop upgrades

    I found the upgrades early on were annoying. Well I have come back and it seems every other day I need to update and my internet whilst able to play the gam espends hours downloading. When is this going to stabilize so I can come back then?