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  1. Aussie_Thunder


    Just finished testing War Thunders Submarines Totally brilliant. And what do we get Battleships in Space sorry but stick to realism or you may looses patrons. Submarines are more war like that battleships floating around space. Bring on a Submarine tier
  2. Aussie_Thunder


    The are more places down here beside all the ASIAN COUNTRIES AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND JUST to name a few .....
  3. Aussie_Thunder


    G'day mate . I do see what you mean and thank you for your reply, Regards Barrie
  4. Aussie_Thunder


    I think that it would be a good idea that the oil a person wins and takes to a clan should remain their property. Reasons behind this being that if an argument breaks out between the player and the clan owner then the owner may kick the member out. If this happens the oil doesnt go with the person who won it but remains behind in a clan that he is no longer wanted in.. This oild could be used to assist his new clan to build. ( just my thoughts)
  5. Aussie_Thunder

    Why people are always blame CV(s) when they are about to lose?

    It is far to common to Blame CVs goodness knows I have had my fair share. However To put an end to it I usually just say if you haven't tried don't Blame. They are difficult to master and that usually shuts them up Dont let it bug Ya
  6. Aussie_Thunder

    Dunkirk Jack

    Yes I can see that WOWS are stuck between a rock and hard place however while they have Aussies and Kiwis on this Asian Server this problem is going to constantly occur. Thanks for your reply
  7. Aussie_Thunder

    Dunkirk Jack

    If I am banned then so be it. I have noticed on many occasions that we on the Asian sever miss out on important things. We are told to use the severe and not to use the NA server but this is what is causing the problem. At present the Dunkirk Jack is on offer to the NA server and not to the Asian server. Please remember that there are those on the Asian server who are not Asian. Actually many thousands that are not. We are Australian , New Zealanders and as such end up having to deal with the Asian perspective of the Wars. this is not correct. I know its hard to keep every body happy but it may take some forethought to remember that many as mentioned are not Asian. I don't wish to piss anyone of but this is the case. Right now the Dunkirk Jack is on offer. It was not only British soldiers rescued that day. My Father a member of the Australian 2/22nd Armoured division was also on that beach and was rescued. along with 5 Guns. so can you see my disappointment to see that the Asian server doesn't have the same opportunities as the NA sever. If Asians don't want it they don't have to get it but give the Australian and New Zealanders the chance. PLEASE
  8. Aussie_Thunder

    Battle Ships disadvantaged

    Hi folks What we need to be able to do is to have the option of fixing main guns in different positions. This will allow for Battle ships to have a greater defence against the faster moving ships. 5 gun ships should have at leaste the option to fix 5 different guns in five different positions if needed say 2 at 45 degrees angles or other angles 2 fixed at rear . or all moving at once.
  9. Aussie_Thunder

    Premium Time waisted

    Hi folks . instead of winning premium time as many work and cant play as I do. make it Games such as 24hrs premium equates to 24 games or 12 games . at least we get a chance to use it. I lost all of my compensation time couldn't play . it started at 19 play for 1 hr couldn't continue lats the rest. so make it game amounts . at least we get a chance to use.
  10. Aussie_Thunder

    [Update 0.6.1] Release Feedback

    One item The colours of Aircraft AA are to close to the Secondary Gun colors the yellow and green are difficult to distingush between either can the secondary guns be change to another colour to make them more clearer please
  11. Aussie_Thunder

    Name Violation

    Ticket #271975 Category: WoWS Sub-category: Penalty Appeals Our clan was created and Called ANZAC we have been given a name violation please refer to below Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served". Yes it is to remember our fallen from both countries however you will notice that all whom have severed since 1915 but all Members of the Australian and New Zealand armed forces as per above are entitled to the name ANZAC which we ware with unbridled pride I am an ANZAC served in Australian Army 1 general Hospital attached to 1 Australian field hospital (dust of Medic ) Royal Australian Medical Corps Vietnam. Served on HMAS Sydney aircraft carrier My son also a member of Clan served HMAS Brisbane RAN and Darwin so we are entitled to the title ANZAC served Persian gulf and East Timore . the only difference is that WW1 veterans ( may they now rest in peace had a special badge " A " no one else is entitled to it. I have both my grandfathers x 2 and my grand father in laws . Not allowing the name ANZAC is an insult to all serving members of both countries. I REQUEST NAME ANZAC be reinstated our FB page is also a remembrance page lest we forget.. My email server has changed should you wish to contact me its barrie.chapman@optusnet.com.au also one other thing ANZAC is an acronym and is known as A.N.Z.A.C it is takeing forever to get an answer through the support tabs Thus posted here
  12. Aussie_Thunder

    HMS Tiger

    HMS Tiger A Formidable Ship? and the eleventh ship to bear that name. HMS Tiger took part in the famous naval battles of the war, the Battle of Dogger Bank and the Battle of Jutland. HMS Tiger was a battlecruiser warship developed for the British Royal Navy and the only ship of her Tiger-class. She became the Royal Navy's final coal-burning capital ship and served with distinction during the war. She was laid down on June 20th, 1912 by the John Brown and Company shipyard, launched on December 15th, 1913, and commissioned on October 3rd, 1914. By this time, Britain was committed to the war which began in July of that year and would soon bog down into trench warfare by the beginning of 1915. HMS Tiger participated in the Battle of Dogger Bank (a British victory of January 1915) as well as the Battle of Jutland (a nominal Allied victory of May-June 1916). HMS Tiger became something of a rarity in the grand scope of naval programs of the period, being the sole member of her class. General Characteristics She carried a propulsion arrangement headed by 39 x water-tube boilers coupled with 2 x direct-drive steam turbines driving 4 x shafts with an output of 85,000 horsepower. The allowed her to make headway at 28 knots in ideal conditions. Her crew complement numbered 1,112 at the start of the war and this total ballooned to 1,459 by April of 1918 - the last year of the conflict. Dimensions included an overall length of 704 feet with a beam of 90.5 feet and a draught of 32.4 feet. Her displacement was 29,000 tons under normal load and 33,800 tons under full load. Armor protection ranged from 229mm thickness at the belt to 76mm along the belt and 229mm at the main gun turrets. The conning tower carried up to 254mm armor protection. Her profile was dominated by three smoke funnels are center and a foremast at the bridge superstructure. As a battlecruiser, the Tiger was well-armed through 8 x 13.5" (343mm) BL Mk V main guns set across four twin-gunned turrets. Turrets One and Two were mounted ahead of the bridge superstructure with turrets Three and Four set aft of amidships. Additionally, she carried 12 x 6" (152mm) BL Mk VII guns in single-gunned turrets and 2 x 3" (76mm) cannons for air defense. Consistent with warships of the period, Tiger also fielded 4 x 21" (533mm) submerged torpedo launchers. HMS Tiger was the only Royal Navy battlecruiser outfitted with 6" guns. The battlecruiser, as a ship type, was another British naval invention which attempted to combine the firepower of a battleship with the cruising speeds of a cruiser. As such, HMS Tiger held a formidable armament display capable of tangling with capital ships of the enemy but was less armed as a battleship would be, instead relying on her speed to escape trouble. Battlecruisers did not prove a revolution as the HMS Dreadnought began in 1906 and were only adopted by the navies of Britain, Germany, and Japan. Several of these vessels found successful careers but the design initiative was flawed. Naval Engagements HMS Tiger's first actions were in the Battle of Dogger Bank taking place on January 24th, 1915. Dogger Bank lay in North Sea waters and the battle involved the British Grand Fleet and the German High Seas Fleet. As Britain's greatest strength heading into the war proved her navy, it was imperative that the Germans deliver decisive blows to the force and retain control of vital waterways. The battle formed with a German raiding force headed to Dogger Bank and the British intercepting the communications. Alerted to the inbound threat, the Grand Fleet set sail to meet them. Once spotted, the German fleet turned to flee and was pursued by the faster British vessels which eventually came into gun range and opened fire. Shells were then exchanged as both sides lost use of vessels. Miscommunications eventually saw the British fleet break their action and the battle ended. Losses included one British battlecruiser and destroyer put out of action along with 15 killed and 32 wounded and one German cruiser sunk (SMS Blucher) and a battlecruiser damaged. However, the Germans suffered mightily with 954 dead and 80 wounded. A further 189 became prisoners of war. The battle proved a decisive British naval victory - an early motivational claim in what would turn out to be a year's long war. During the battle, HMS Tiger received six direct hits, losing control of turret Three. In turn, her fast-firing guns landed only two direct hits despite the 355 shells fired. Pictured: Two sailors looking through a shell hole in the forward turret roof of the battlecruiser HMS TIGER. Overall she was hit fifteen times by large calibre shells during the battle of Jutland and lost twenty four members of her crew killed and a further forty six wounded. After refit in December of 1915, her next action was during the famous Battle of Jutland - the grandest of the naval battles of World War 1. The confrontation also marked the only battle of the war which showcased battleships on both sides. A combined British-Australian-Canadian force faced off against the German High Seas Fleet in the area near Denmark, north of the German shoreline and sought of the Norwegian shoreline. The battle ranged from May 31st to June 1st, 1916. The battle included 151 Allied ships versus 99 German vessels. The Allied contingent was headed by 28 battleships supported by 9 battlecruisers, 8 armored cruisers, 26 light cruisers, 78 destroyers, a minelayer and a seaplane carrier. Facing them would be 16 battleships, 5 battlecruisers, 6 predreadnought vessels, 11 light cruisers and 61 torpedo boats. Results of the battle were tactically inconclusive. The Allies lost three battlecruisers, three armored cruisers, and eight destroyers with 6,094 personnel killed and 674 wounded in action. The Germans lost a battlecruiser, predreadnought battleship, four light cruisers, and five of their torpedo boats in the fighting in addition to 2,551 personnel killed and 507 wounded. Despite the numbers seemingly favoring the Germans, they failed to net control of the North Sea which still remained under British ownership. During Jutland, Tiger took eighteen direct hits - primarily from SMS Moltke - killing twenty-four and wounding forty-six, but was not knocked out of action. Despite her light armor scheme, Tiger managed hits across non-vital sections of her design. As such, battlecruisers held a "sink-or-swim" nature about them, their survival largely dependent on where they were hit and by what weapon. Again, Tiger fired projectiles numbered in the hundreds and managed fewer than 50% as direct hits on the enemy. After the battle. Tiger sailed to Rosyth Dockyard in Scottish waters for repairs. Following the work, she replaced HMS Lion as flagship of 1st Battlecruiser Squadron and then sailed with the Grand Fleet until entering a period of refit from November 10th, 1916 to January 29th, 1917. The work included additional armoring at the turrets and deck and her Fire Control System (FCS) was improved. Her final days of wartime service saw her on patrol throughout the North Sea. Equipment was added for the launching of an aircraft during late 1917 and she entered a refit in 1918 in which her profile was slightly redrawn. The war was over in November of 1918 with the Armistice. HMS Tiger was retained in post-war service as part of the Atlantic Fleet before being set in reserve in August of 1921 and relegated as a training vessel from 1924 onwards. HMS Tiger was in active commissioned service until 1931and decommissioned on May 15th of that year. Like other storied warships before and after her, she was sold for scrapping - this in February 1932, bringing about an unfitting end to her sea-going career Source:www.MilitaryFactory.com http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205039688 Hayward, Victor (1977). HMS Tiger at Bay: A Sailor's Memoir 1914–1918. London: William Kimber. ISBN 0-7183-0295-8. More images at www.maritimequest.com/…/gre…/battleships/tiger/hms_tiger.htm
  13. Aussie_Thunder

    Battleships main guns

    Battleships are at present disadvantaged by the fact Guns don't individually operate (Turn) can it be done that the guns can be operated as they are now or locked in one spot individually and operated as individual guns aiming at various spots instead of just the one. Mainly the turn speed is very slow and this would help
  14. Aussie_Thunder

    New player seeking advice regarding target lead.

    Thanks helps heaps
  15. Aussie_Thunder

    War... is coming... (?)

    So I can set one of my clocks to WOWs time I need to know what city/ country The Asia Server is located can some one tell me please