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  1. Fiona_Marshe

    Armada: Perth

    Sidenote: As of May 2019, there is still one surviving crew member alive. https://www.smh.com.au/national/lying-in-a-hospital-bed-with-a-broken-leg-frank-had-one-choice-to-survive-the-war-20190514-p51n9j.html Haven't heard anything about his health status since then.
  2. Fiona_Marshe

    Return of the Collections

    This mission is only ever giving me "bismark" items. Long done with that; there appears no way to direct it to the correct collection I need to finish off
  3. Fiona_Marshe

    who needs exp tasks?

    For those who only have an Emerald and can't get within 20km of a target without taking two Citadels and exploding.
  4. Fiona_Marshe

    [5-star replay]Guides on "Narai"

    double post
  5. Fiona_Marshe

    [5-star replay]Guides on "Narai"

    5 stars first attempt. Only because our CV sent a full strike against the transports headed for the escape zone (none of our ships went down there). Took my Nagato full speed into the port channel. 45k secondary damage, took out most DDs and transports that came into range. kept the main guns for enemy BBs and cruisers. Somehow managed to citadel the Missouri (suprised me!) Drew aggro from a lot of ships and bombers; the only real damage taken was two torp bombers from the first wave, 1 cruiser torpedo and two FRIENDLY torp bombers late in the game. CVs, when you manual drop, please do it AWAY from the leading friendly ship. We can't dodge under 30 seconds warning.
  6. waiting time of 20 seconds for a match. I would have preferred to keep waiting...
  7. Fiona_Marshe

    Australia - World of Lagships

    My problem seems to be the DNS/routing. Constant dropouts during Sat/Sun evenings (4 times in one match Say). Thats not counting tablet Facebook from the spouse randomizing the ping lag on 1.1mps ADSL2.
  8. Fiona_Marshe

    causing ammunition explosion requires skill or luck?

    Combination. You need to hit the magazine hit box, either with HE or AP. Knowing where it is allows you to place your shots. After you get the right spot, it's RNG up to 10% (magazine is 10% of the ships full HP). A DD of 7000 hp auto hits the 10% det chance (700 hp) by putting almost any HE shell between the screws when shooting from the rear.
  9. Fiona_Marshe

    IFHE penetration changes table. 0.6.0

    Warspite secondaries just got even more lethal (once you get into range).
  10. Fiona_Marshe

    Spotting Damage

    When constantly fighting uptier against ships (German BBs are the worst) who have Secondary guns with more range that the DD Primary Turrets AND torpedo range, the chance to do damage is nil. Even worse with RDF removing the ability to flank unseen.
  11. Fiona_Marshe

    Contest Discussion

    Didn't get the 5 incapacitation ribbons, so it didn't qualify. Also, didn't check the 'server time'. Brain doesn't function too well at 1.30 in the morning.
  12. Fiona_Marshe

    Contest Discussion

    New Year’s Revolution Damn this one is hard. Got everything else but not the incapacitations. Had major lag issues for the first few minutes and ran out of hull (couldn't break LOS easily). IGN: Fiona_Marshe Total Ribbons and Total Damage: 26 ribbons, 58,754 damage, Devastating Strike, Its only a Flesh Wound ( only 2 of the required incapacitations ) Screenshot(s):
  13. Fiona_Marshe

    ARP First victory bonus XP

    I think it might be they don't show up when you add them to the carousel. Noticed that a few days ago as well (took them off the carousel for a day, and the +200% didn't show up when I readded them). Today the +200% was showing fine (already in carousel).
  14. Fiona_Marshe

    FenrirApalis' End of Year Contest!

    Total Progress: 6 (6) 29 December; 2x "First Blood", 2x "Devastating Strike" Medals don't come easily for me (plod along in the top 3-5 players most matches; not many spectacular games).
  15. Fiona_Marshe

    how to play when i keep getting screwed

    I'm constantly turning up as the only T6 in amatch full of T8 (with a few T7). May as well paint a sign "free XP here" on the side of my Fuso and Warspite. 30 x 16" shells in the first two minutes end the match very quickly. This is an average matchmaker for the last few weeks.