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  1. Admittedly playing Cyberpunk right now. So that's probably why.
  2. Nork22

    Influx of Pepega Players?

    Respect to the YOLO Izumo then. He scared away the loli-boats. Which team won in the end?
  3. Nork22

    Belfast 43 performance is excessively low

    Ship is balanced. Played 1 match and did not find it bad like some people claim it is. Will my opinion change with more games? Probably.
  4. Nork22

    Here it is... New voice with ARP collaboration

    Having read the manga until it's latest chapters, I want Vampire and Repulse along with big sister Lexington. I'm still amused that Arpeggio was doing British Maid ships earlier than Azur Lane.
  5. Nork22

    kansas rant

    After playing it a couple of times, things I learn: - sit far back - armour. what armour? I still get pen with 16" at stupid angles - 40 sec reload. just kill me... - you're telling me I use standard AP? - hey guys!! don't leave me behind!! Really this ship is just not fun. If your flank falls and your team is running away, guess who's decoy?
  6. Nork22

    Autumn Commanders... ...

  7. Nork22

    wows progress checker

    5328 battles 30.86% main battery hit rate 5.67% torpedo hits 27 ramming kills Highest XP = Hindy - 4363. Yeah, I really love my Hindy. Highest damage = Massa - 207k. Going in full guns blazing. Highest kill = Gremy - 7 kills. Can't remember if this was before or after the smoke nerf. https://5.wows.asia/eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJsb2NhbGUiOiJlbiIsIm1ldHJpY3NfZGF0YSI6W10sInNwYV9pZCI6MjAwMjg5MzczM30.to1soRMz50314yTCUIiw0gJizTQkuwsfbtAdLAmdFYk
  8. Nork22

    oh come on! CVs vs DD in ranked

    Another bitch thread? When it's gonna be locked?
  9. Nork22

    server stats for day 1 of ranked

    Stalingrad has failed me in Rank. Time to pull out Hindenburg.
  10. Nork22

    Asymmetric battles

    I kinda like it. At first where there weren't many T8 players and the matches were filled with bots (or partial team of bots), steamrolling the high-tiers with the lower tiers happened all too often. But during the weekend when there were enough real players to fill out the higher tier team, it does become a challenge. I'll say though, this was my proudest moment in terms of carrying my muppet team. 20200905_213250_PJSB006-Fuso-1943_s06_Atoll_asym.wowsreplay
  11. Nork22

    Goes to show you never can tell.

    I see a Nelson. The outcome was already obvious. Both Nelson and ShinyHorse are great for Narai imho.
  12. Nork22

    What I learnt from 3v3 T9 Ranked Sprint

    I got to rank 4 but I didn't want to stress myself out (even though it shouldn't with this rank season), but a lot of times it was fun and you can tell if your teammates are carrying their side of the match. 1 match which our team lost by a small margin was when I realised that ramming was the best option but I fucked up and I know it and the enemy BB essentially fired on a full broadside team mate killing him instantly.
  13. The Radar Equipment goes into Slot 2, so you are giving up Damage Con 1, Engine Room 1 or Aircraft Engine 1.
  14. Nork22

    So many damn bots in this game!

    Jeez... when did you play this?
  15. Nork22

    Personal Average.

    Disgusting sea-clubber!