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  1. This won't get you in trouble.
  2. Nork22

    Advise for X tier Cruiser

    Go extreme hardcore mode and use Mino with Radar.
  3. Nork22

    Advise for X tier Cruiser

    The Worcester is good if you know how to make good use of islands and cover. The ship is highly situational and since it doesn't have the same level of armour like the Des Moines you will be pen by all the BBs you face. Mino with smoke has a bit more flexibility but you are limited to RN AP shells so your damage output will depend on the enemy giving you broadsides.
  4. Nork22

    Advise for X tier Cruiser

    What do you want to do in your cruiser? Do you want to farm damage? Support your DDs? Provide AA cover? Troll players? I can tell you now, if you want to play the Minotaur, it's going to be extremely hard and frustrating for you based on your skills and ratings.
  5. The RN CL ships that run radar. It's hard to know if there's anyone crazy enough to do it. But if they do, those poor DDs will panic in their smoke.
  6. Asashio's guns actually do good damage. It's just that you only use it to defend yourself, not to pick fights or go in for knife fights. And if you do want to fight, as someone has mentioned make sure you have backup or make sure the enemy is low on health.
  7. Nork22


    I suppose the Atago replacement was a good replacement back then. Kitakami coming back would mean wall of skill incoming. Gonna get out all my hydro boats to break out them torpedo beats.
  8. Nork22

    No damage pens?

    It's when you hit turrets I find that you get 0 pen damage.
  9. Nork22


    I wonder if the people who bought the Kitakami during the Beta will be given back to them FOC.
  10. Nork22

    Hololive Commanders questions...

    Aside from unique lines and system voices, they don't have any special skills.
  11. Been here before OBT so Imma gonna flex my Death Pickle. 😄
  12. If this 3x3 Rank sprint has 1xBB, 1xCA/CL and 1xDD limit, I'm all for it.
  13. Nork22

    What is that ?

    Here's my polite reply. NO!
  14. -PSA- Both of them are now available in the Premium Store.