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  1. Specialist mod finaly comeback fit with 0.5.7 version This version contain: _Specialist icon module, _Specialist icon skill _Specialist icon upgrade _Female captain with kitty/cat depend on rank _Telecope historial version READ ME: _Only require: remember me and comment when you download _Player free to use for make new mod, dont ask _Player free upload every side with my name _Player free to change, upgrade every thing but if fail something do not blame me please _Dont like some thing inside the mod, do it ur self Link Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/v8lkakx58lm0hgq/res_mods.rar Red text/hard to read. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking
  2. nhimkoko

    [mod] nhimkoko's specialist mod 0.5.x

    no body comment ? the only fuel i use is love
  3. HI, i coming back, do any one miss my icon mod ? well wait after i find a download link of swf extrack tool i need, i will upload the mod file btw i can't post on another forum like Na or Eu because "you cannot start a new topic" problem honestly, do any one think my icon mod is best icon mod wows ever had ? thank you, thank you
  4. nhimkoko

    [Mod] specialist mod pack 0.3.1 (upgraded)

    update female japan commander
  5. nhimkoko

    [Mod] specialist mod pack 0.3.1 (upgraded)

    some body help me upgrade flash file, i lost my tool
  6. nhimkoko

    [Mod] specialist mod pack 0.3.1 (upgraded)

    update new: fish pond izumo skin (rain not real just a dream)
  7. nhimkoko

    [Mod] specialist mod pack 0.3.1 (upgraded)

    any one have 4 fish yet
  8. nhimkoko

    [Mod] specialist mod pack 0.3.1 (upgraded)

    upgraded for new update
  9. nhimkoko

    [Mod] specialist mod pack 0.3.1 (upgraded)

    can any one download leave a comment
  10. nhimkoko

    Tora Tora Tora!

    BB go with formation is only thing give survive of them higher right now, but some map give them [edited] location so far an orther like this with too few player (match making choose map is so wrong) how the hell they can survive.
  11. nhimkoko

    [Mod] specialist mod pack 0.3.1 (upgraded)

    ask kantai mod pack i sure they are making pantsu kantai girl right now P/s: no fleet with out a cat