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  1. Public Test loading stuck around 75% after all the updates. Have retried few times no luck.
  2. OzWally

    Technical Test 0.6.6 Feedback

    Freeze on loading few times had to restart, some lag in gameplay. 8 players or more is better than 6, it's too damn hard having 6 vs 20+ ships lol. Not happy about 20 doubloons to unlock the ship after the campaign should be in credits just to be fair.
  3. OzWally

    Is the NA server down?

    Asia server is down too after update.
  4. OzWally

    Reporting lag issues

    Lagging bad today on Asia server.
  5. OzWally

    Is the Murmansk any good?

    I have Murmansk, it's a great ship good firepower/torps and good credits. Worth having one.