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  1. fyren13

    Changes in the Armory

    So.... good bye my Smolensk and especially my Jean Bart..... so not cool. So what happens to those players who already have these ships that are being removed? Nevermind, I re read that and think I miss understood it the first time
  2. fyren13

    Stuck in post battle report

    Hi, After the recent update, I played a couple of games. Then I think it was my 3rd or 4th game, my team won the battle, I had been destroyed but stayed in battle to watch. Then when the game completed the post battle results display. I can click and view all the different tabs but clicking on the back to port button, battle on or even the close window button does nothing. Has anyone experienced the same bug?
  3. fyren13

    what this for? anyone ever use it?

    I got reported once, when I didn't want to follow a BB around the north corner of Solomon Islands because there was 4-5 enemy ships waiting around there. (This is assuming the angry BB captain actually reported as per what he said in chat). I know that there is a plays poorly option, but really, how useful is this? I mean angry people are probably just gonna spam plays poorly reports everywhere, also what constitutes as playing poorly? if this is meant to include Team Killers, then please make a separate option for it. Also I do like the idea of having a show how many compliments you have received and not knowing who gave you the compliment.
  4. fyren13

    Why are people so passive?

    The one thing that I hate the most is passive BBs who are afraid of getting in to the frontlines to try and take pressure off of your friendly destroyers and/or cruisers. Most of them are trying to snipe from the back.... with the worlds most inaccurate guns...*sighs*
  5. fyren13

    UI Things to do Check List

    I might have missed it in the list but was there a mention of having the ship types displayed in minimap? as well as last known positions?
  6. fyren13

    Binocular Zoom Occasionally Not Working

    I get this sometimes too. I noticed that if there is like an island or something in between myself and the target the binoc zoom will try and zoom in but then sometimes glitches and does the regular view with the binocs targeting ui over it.
  7. fyren13

    Request: Fullscreen Borderless Window

    Oh found it, my bad.
  8. fyren13

    Request: Fullscreen Borderless Window

    No, this is a Full screen mode, not a full screen borderless window mode. So what happens at the moment when you click outside of the game window in fullscreen mode it will minimize itself, other games that have fullscreen borderless window modes do NOT minimize. It is essentially a windowed mode but without the typical OS window frame around it and it actually fills the whole screen, ie covers the taskbar in windows. Here is an example of another game that has this in its settings. There is a difference between fullscreen and Borderless window. Or maybe I should just call it Borderless window instead of adding the full screen in there if that is what is causing a confusion here.
  9. As the title implies, I would like to see a fullscreen borderless window mode. ie. not what it currently is where you still have the bar at the top and you can see your taskbar. more like actual fullscreen and when you alt+tab out the game window does not minimize. If you guys can do it great! if not oh well. ps. if you guys can do this for WoT as well, that would be great too ;)
  10. fyren13

    Domination Mode glitch?

    Ok, thanks for that. That is actually good to know.
  11. fyren13

    Domination Mode glitch?

    Has anyone ever been in a domination match where a team is at about 950-980 in points and the timer runs out and it counts as a win? I don't know if it is a glitch or it is meant to be this way. I will try and find a replay that has this, but I have had this happen a couple of times, not complaining since my team won, but personally thought that if teams don't reach 1000 points it would be counted as a draw at the end timer. Both times that this has happened to me, I believe we had just 990ish points (give or take a few)