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  1. tom_bro

    Alpha tester need verification?

    Starting to wonder if I did something wrong with the passport. Is there a way to make sure I sent the correct info in?
  2. Lol at least you have tags, I have nothing yet ;_;
  3. tom_bro

    Pakeha's Pictures

    I heard there was to be an upcoming armoured train wargaming title, (rights pending of course)
  4. tom_bro

    Alpha tester need verification?

    Seeing all these green names is making me cry guess I'll keep refreshing my email.
  5. If there ever was a less appropriate place to place that link Bigwavesurfer, someone let me know.
  6. Having sat on both sides of the fence on occasion, I'd say it is probably polite to hold your tongue about alpha and not to show off your status.
  7. Probably have to have the FOV built into the mini-map, as there are less map features to orientate yourself with getting lost could be a real hazard for unwary/new players.
  8. tom_bro

    Introduction thread

    Captain Pugwash OP, plse nerf Tom the cabin boy
  9. tom_bro

    Possible mods for WoWs

    The filthiest anime skins imaginable. Or perhaps this is just Retia. Probably just Retia.
  10. tom_bro

    Alpha tester need verification?

    true fendalton, but true testers know half the fun is trying to recreate glitches and bugs for amusing results.
  11. tom_bro

    Alpha tester need verification?

    Mine was expired by a month.. Am I in trouble??
  12. tom_bro

    Alpha tester need verification?

    Sent my smexy face in. Guess war gaming has a new poster boi to model their uniforms now.
  13. tom_bro

    WoWS Theme song

    And I'm sorry, but if the Russian navy comes out before the British, I will throw a fit
  14. tom_bro

    General WoWS Discussion

    To be honest that style of gameplay is more exciting for me, as it will probably reward "platoon" gameplay even more than it does now in tanks...Hmm platoon? or is it a squadron/fleet/flotilla/armada/escort in warships? Someone correct me please.