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  1. Scharnhorst vs Gneisenau

    Gneisenau is a keeper and sometimes Scharnhorst doesn't have the pen when using AP so Gneis can sometimes be a little more reliable in a brawl for the AP pen.
  2. As someone who has been on the receiving end of friendly torps whilst my DC has been on cool down I wholeheartedly agree with the reflected damage mechanic. Team killing is one of the most toxic elements in WOT and the way things are right now it stops trolling tools.
  3. The Karma will never fall below zero as it is capped because *player's feelings* so if a player already has zero karma, what's zero plus zero equal again?
  4. Co-op

    I think the map changes on Thursdays if that's what you want to know.
  5. The OP was asking why BB captains weren't shooting radar cruisers. Often times radar cruisers will stay in stealth until they can radar the cap at which time they'll be in cover so it's not even a viable option early on in the match.
  6. How do you know BB rudder is locked ?

    How to Tenryu The first thing Flamu said was to support DD's and the player in the replay got extremely lucky with those torpedo attacks on the St Louis and then on the Ishizuchi which was in sniper mode and I don't think realized there was a torpedo boat next to him until it was too late. My own two cents; You are probably trying to torpedo BB's that aren't travelling alone and as a result you become the priority target for the other team and get sunk very fast. If you are going to attack with your torpedoes get yourself into a position where you can ambush a BB from behind an island.
  7. CV dive bomber damage

  8. Manual Drops in CV and Strafing

    When you commit to a manual torpedo attack it is best to attack from an angle slightly less than 90deg to your target and not at an angle that is 90deg to your target. from my own experience attacking at an acute angle from your target means that IF your target does not evade they will take more torpedoes in their side as they travel forward, if they turn away they won't take as many but if they turn towards your torpedo bombers they will also take more than if they had turned away. So you tend to get more torpedo hits by attacking with a slight angle that is less than 90deg to your target. (I refer mainly to attacks against BB for this example). As far as strafing goes there are many tricks you can try, first and fore most when you strafe ensure that your planes do not enter within the circular outline when you hold shift at the start of the strafe or they will circle around and this will indicate to your opponent that your planes are about to strafe. You will also find that IJN fighters strafe is a bit weaker than that of USN fighters a head on strafe won't work against USN fighters so attack at an angle to maximize the time that their planes are within the strafe path or attack from behind. Practice first in PVE as much as needed until you feel comfortable with controlling your squadrons.
  9. Quesstion About Premium Ships

    I'm not sure why you make this comparison
  10. Quesstion About Premium Ships

    Hosho is quite good at tier 4 and with only 83 battles there's no way you'd be able to compete against more experienced players if you jump up to tier 7, the phrase "free food" comes to mind.
  11. Prime Real estate, sea views...

    Suitable for use as Admiral's Quarters
  12. Some players never miss

    Best advice in this thread. I'll add one thing to what ICY said and that is to go down the "everybody is using aimbots" excuse is to cheat yourself out of learning what mistakes YOU made during the battle and believe me you, me and everybody makes mistakes. It's those mistakes piling up on your team that causes losses and if you just see aimbots everywhere, why look any deeper.
  13. Reason Why I Hate the US CV Changes

    WG may yet take the same nerf bat to the IJN CV line yet I think we're just going to have to wait and see what happens.
  14. Yamato radio rotation

    That would be Radar not radio but yes it sat above the large range finder for the main guns and the whole thing should turn with the guns.