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  1. Epicurus_

    "China(?)" player become more extreme nowaday

    how do distinguish just one as racist? Neither of them performed any more admirably than the other.
  2. Epicurus_

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    If you're up to NC I'd suggest continuing with the USN line before starting the grind up another line considering you'd be starting fresh it doesn't make sense to start over when you're closest to completing USN BB.
  3. Epicurus_

    Chat bans

  4. Epicurus_

    Acasta worth cammoing/flagging for XP?

    Well that's not exactly true but it has some difficulty to it. Option 1; Stay in front of the ship you are intending to torp keeping around 1.5 kms or so difference so you'd be sailing around 7.5 kms away because your torps will be travelling towards your target at +50 knots and targets travelling at +20 knots they cover the distance fast and hit the bow. Option 2; sail parallel to your target slightly in front of allowing around about 1 km to 500 m of overlap using your mini map to monitor that you don't allow your detection circle to be intersected by your target ship you can fire torps without them detecting you and they should hit along the broadside of your target. I've done similarly with V22's forward firing torps at a Nassau, turned and fired my side tubes despite not having stealth firing ability and sunk BB without being detected. If you gauge your distances carefully and your target is unaware it can be done. Obviously if they turn you miss but that's true with stealth firing anyway.
  5. Epicurus_

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    Yeah these ships clearly aren't burning from stem to stern besides the fact they carried thousands of gallons of fuel what do you think is going to happen when a projectile travelling at high speed hits an object with high resistance? you're going to see an exchange of heat because that's what actually happens in order to dissipate the kinetic energy of the projectile that energy is converted into heat energy.
  6. Epicurus_


    Expecting weekend match making to be in your favor is folly. Match maker can only create a match out of what ships players have queued in. You got attacked by an IJN DD it's not going to engage in a gun fight with other DD's unless it has to but that's just a guess. I'd suggest you start playing in DD's and get a feel for hunting big fat battleships. That should give you a better idea about how to avoid sneak attacks.
  7. Epicurus_

    So I'm still in confusion

    What speed would you like the subs to travel at? Submerged speed for subs was kept to a minimum to preserve battery charge and avoid cavitation of the propellers. That meant they would be travelling along at a very brisk 2-4 knots.
  8. Epicurus_

    As a WoWs gamer with Terminal Lung Cancer...

    All the best with your treatment Kiwi, my dad died after a painful fight with cancer. It's not a disease I'd wish on anyone.
  9. Epicurus_

    Regarding being made PINK!

    Consensus! We know how many people play this game and there are people that make mistakes in game. That doesn't make them cretins. Although I would agree to feeling less than charitable about people at the time. Wrong. This is an assumption about another persons behavior. I myself have run into torps fired by a friendly a couple of kms behind me because I was maneuvering to fire torps at enemy boats in front of me, I didn't get the warning until the torps were about to hit in addition to which the friendly torps were fired from a boat that had 6km range torps at an enemy that was at least 10 kms away from my position so they had no chance of hitting anything but me I have a 55% wr and think I fit into the class of decent player and that happened to me so why should your assumptions about player behaviour hold any water?
  10. Epicurus_

    How useful is vigilance?

    RDF is used to detect the general direction of the closest enemy boat not to detect torpedoes in the water. Why do you keep bringing up RDF when it does not tell you where the torpedoes are or how many DD's are shadowing you. To answer the question that has been asked, Vigilance could be useful in ships with large turning circles. I wouldn't necessarily choose it in a DD if I could use engine boost which will help me avoid torpedoes and would allow me to use skill points on another skill like BOS. The wiki does say that the skill stacks with ship upgrades such as hydro acoustic so you could use in a German DD and extend the range of your hydro, which could be of use in ranked gameplay especially if we ever see low tier ranked battles again.
  11. Epicurus_

    A more friendly mechanic to newcomers

    I meant in game tutorials not extra source, It's fine that they have it and all but it's not in game and it's only going to be viewed by those who wish to see it.
  12. Epicurus_

    A more friendly mechanic to newcomers

    No tutorials made by the games producer in this case WG, it's not really the sort of thing that they do these days because they are aware that either players ignore them in favor of jumping in and learning as they go or they'll produce a very minimal tutorial but not usually. Besides which introducing a tutorial after a player progresses to tier 3? They didn't do it for CV's so why for any other class that's not going to have as much impact as CV's
  13. Epicurus_

    A more friendly mechanic to newcomers

    When was the last time you saw a tutorial released for a game?
  14. Epicurus_

    MM Rant

    There are more players with bad statistics than good which would increase the queue time for players of higher skill and when you follow that through to it's logical conclusion the higher the skill level the longer the queue time. Statistically when flipping a coin you are more likely to land a head than a tail (51 times out of 100). If you are playing against players of equal skill then you would probably see the same statistical outcome, a near 50% W/R over X amount of games. Play golf, you get a handicap. Of course that doesn't stop a better golfer from having a good game it just means that players of less skill can feel better about their score at the end of the course. Real estate agents get commissions for sales, those that sell more homes earn better commissions would it be fair for agents to not get paid commensurate to their results for the sake of those that perform poorly? I'm pretty sure I could find other examples where those who perform well are rewarded proportionally to their effort. The same goes for equally skilled players, they would balance out and all would eventually have a near 50% W/R. How do you determine who is a better player and how do you prevent players skill metrics from averaging out towards the 50% region? If you based it on damage dealt it might prevent it but I suspect the games would turn out more like ranked matches where everyone camps. Then players that normally manage to pull big number games no longer pull such big numbers and are placed in games where everyone pulls similar low numbers. Eventually good players would yo yo between big number games and low number games as their skill would see them club when dropping back down to low damage games.