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  1. Epicurus_

    ​🚢 Update 0.10.9, Submarines, Next Steps

    1 This is the MOST toxic element of Submarines primarily to Battleships. You could always limit the amount of pings submarines can ping either by which class they ping or by increasing the cooldown between each ping or increasing the subs visibility on the map depending on the frequency of pings. After all when a sub pings IRL they paint a massive bullseye on themselves. 2 Counter-intuitive? You mean you haven't come up with a solution to the problem. Whether you have or not your inaction reads like you have no solution in mind, I just gave you 3 possible choices as above off the top of my head Why are those solutions not acceptable? 3 It's not a choice, you have to ignore the subs REPEATED pings until you see the torps in bound in which case if timed wrong the sub can re-acquire you with no penalty to the sub and you eat torps that bypass the whole reason for torpedo protection. 4 FIRE CHANCE is what governs whether or not you burn, subs can ping repeatedly with almost 100% chance of acquiring that ping on target. Which ship gets 100% fire chance on it's shells?
  2. Sorry but my ranked WR is going to be in the toilet, if you're playing through 12 losses in a row it's also in the toilet. Exactly which group of "skilled" players do you think you'd be lumped in with?
  3. Epicurus_

    WG drunk again

    If CV were too much of an advantage in standard battles for one team to have and another not why then has WG decided that CV are going to be ok on a smaller team in brawl matches?
  4. Epicurus_

    Spawn Place

  5. Epicurus_


    Your second pic shows you broadside to a Fuso 6km away. I'm guessing that the real reason wasn't because of the in-game message. It's hard to know if I'm correct from a single pic but it looks like you got caught out by the Fuso when you were in smoke and got deleted and your team mate probably the New Mexico behind you called you a noob. For getting caught out in a cruiser broadside to a Fuso at close range.
  6. Epicurus_


    What's really cute is you think temp bans are doing something
  7. Epicurus_

    when you get TKed...

    How are you grinding up against him if you've been team killed?
  8. Epicurus_

    "China(?)" player become more extreme nowaday

    how do distinguish just one as racist? Neither of them performed any more admirably than the other.
  9. Epicurus_

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    If you're up to NC I'd suggest continuing with the USN line before starting the grind up another line considering you'd be starting fresh it doesn't make sense to start over when you're closest to completing USN BB.
  10. Epicurus_

    Chat bans

  11. Epicurus_

    Acasta worth cammoing/flagging for XP?

    Well that's not exactly true but it has some difficulty to it. Option 1; Stay in front of the ship you are intending to torp keeping around 1.5 kms or so difference so you'd be sailing around 7.5 kms away because your torps will be travelling towards your target at +50 knots and targets travelling at +20 knots they cover the distance fast and hit the bow. Option 2; sail parallel to your target slightly in front of allowing around about 1 km to 500 m of overlap using your mini map to monitor that you don't allow your detection circle to be intersected by your target ship you can fire torps without them detecting you and they should hit along the broadside of your target. I've done similarly with V22's forward firing torps at a Nassau, turned and fired my side tubes despite not having stealth firing ability and sunk BB without being detected. If you gauge your distances carefully and your target is unaware it can be done. Obviously if they turn you miss but that's true with stealth firing anyway.
  12. Epicurus_

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    Yeah these ships clearly aren't burning from stem to stern besides the fact they carried thousands of gallons of fuel what do you think is going to happen when a projectile travelling at high speed hits an object with high resistance? you're going to see an exchange of heat because that's what actually happens in order to dissipate the kinetic energy of the projectile that energy is converted into heat energy.
  13. Epicurus_


    Expecting weekend match making to be in your favor is folly. Match maker can only create a match out of what ships players have queued in. You got attacked by an IJN DD it's not going to engage in a gun fight with other DD's unless it has to but that's just a guess. I'd suggest you start playing in DD's and get a feel for hunting big fat battleships. That should give you a better idea about how to avoid sneak attacks.
  14. Epicurus_

    So I'm still in confusion

    What speed would you like the subs to travel at? Submerged speed for subs was kept to a minimum to preserve battery charge and avoid cavitation of the propellers. That meant they would be travelling along at a very brisk 2-4 knots.