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  1. Best advice in this thread. I'll add one thing to what ICY said and that is to go down the "everybody is using aimbots" excuse is to cheat yourself out of learning what mistakes YOU made during the battle and believe me you, me and everybody makes mistakes. It's those mistakes piling up on your team that causes losses and if you just see aimbots everywhere, why look any deeper.
  2. WG may yet take the same nerf bat to the IJN CV line yet I think we're just going to have to wait and see what happens.
  3. Agreed
  4. That would be Radar not radio but yes it sat above the large range finder for the main guns and the whole thing should turn with the guns.
  5. Some players say that in every match there's a constant. That constant is you. I don't find this the most balanced perspective to take as there is also 24 variables in every match, 23 other payers and RNG. At the end of the day everybody makes mistakes in a match and those mistakes accumulate during the match which inevitably leads to a loss or a win depending on which side your on. Identify what mistakes you make in the match and try not to repeat them and you should at least come out in a better position more often than not.
  6. Unless you're getting reported by salty player you sank
  7. 0320 am and 1st effort for the morning
  8. WG don't even have to remove the Karma system. You can hide your service record from others why can't you hide the Karma system.
  9. Agreed it is absolutely pointless. Of late I'm reminded how anti social I must be due to having a good game and seeing my Karma fall lower. I've decided instead to make it truly pointless and see to it that my Karma hits zero.
  10. So all in all, we could do with some companionship.
  11. There's a mod that gives RDF skill without spending skill points?
  12. I'd recommend either Texas or Murmansk, you'd get the T5 regularly being thrown into T7 thanks to the current MM but you would already be experiencing that. I would suggest holding off getting anything any higher in tier until you've reached that tier higher tier games are a different beast.
  13. Honestly you need to provide a far more comprehensive list of disparity in skill levels than to show one battle every three or four days, until you do it does not illustrate a significant issue with skill disparity and does nothing to support your claim that there is a serious problem. If anything it supports what others have been telling you which is that there is not enough of a problem to require a change to CV match making. Please don't respond by saying you presented two examples in a 24hr period it's not good enough you need real evidence, hundreds of games within a 24hr period not one or two we could all list games where a CV player of less skill has been on the winning team regardless of whether they had any real impact on the game or not.
  14. Bismarck is a tech tree ship so as long as you have the ship researched you can purchase it again.