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  1. 600 steel for the Compo thanks you
  2. dolfire999

    Commonwealth Light Cruiser Tech Tree Suggestion

    Good idea man just like the other commonwealth branch suggestion if we make enough noise WG make listen
  3. dolfire999

    Navyfield Memories

    i woulld love to sail the Moltke inj wows
  4. dolfire999

    Navyfield Memories

    not really with premium hedgehogs strapon on a yammy
  5. dolfire999

    Navyfield Memories

    I loved that old Buggy game ecspecailly the AW QV rushes at the Harbor assaults Long Live Armored Angels ... dolfie999
  6. dolfire999

    Submarines is coming

    there you man they are official what is a naval game with out the Carriers and subs btw low tiers are too quick, one sided and boring
  7. dolfire999


    Coming from a old DEAD naval game called Navyfield1 if WG does it right i think it would make very interesting to see how it pans out towards but they have deal with the 4 server Metas
  8. thanks for the detailed i hope Wg considers this
  9. dolfire999

    ARP Takao is coming!

    here it comes about bloody time that they stop this anime ships in this ww2 arcade naval game i really hate that neon light ships in my randoms thats why i use the anti manga camo remover mod. yes SEA LOVES having 4 more copy and paste Kongos and and Moykos in neon lights . in the the near future i hope WG creased the annoying neon light ship missions and try to make the SEA server kinda the same as the other server with simailer prems shops and actual rewarding mission not stinking copy paste ARP mission. Ps why cant WG just make the neon light on the [content removed] biased ships as camo for 1k worth of dubs so that kinda sorts out the problem for non manga fans in this server Derogatory. Post edited. User sanctioned. ~dead_man_walking Players are reminded of the notification on the abreviation of Japan/Japanese to be found here
  10. dolfire999

    First time on Dunkerque.. and the Result is.....

    i was a bit erry of getting it myselff after watching flamu puttin hate on it but my mate conned me to getting it. YES if you show broadside u are f**** ( why the hell are you do that ) i have notticed to bounce nearly all t6 bb shells while angled or frontally (excerpt for the warspite) even been overpening or crit damaging t7 cruiser well i love it when top tier but have not really faced t7-t8 bbs as of yet ( MM been nice to me for a change???) and it kinda suits my play style
  11. dolfire999

    Furutaka's stock guns need to be removed

    why are you comparing a tier 5 crusier to a tier 7 battlecrusier ????
  12. dolfire999

    British Battleship Lines suggestion

    this guy stole my idea lol but for me the lion class bbs should be the tier 10 is among the widely known ships from the British. All the other mutable threads on here and their other other region fourm everyone wants the nelson as the t7 of choice ( hope wg hear our plea) P,s it would kinda make sense alot about the Bismarck as tier8 completely smashing the hood as its a t7 prem
  13. dolfire999

    Why are ze Germans the most popular nation in WW1-WW2 games?.

    one word sums it up ....... BISMARCK!!!!!!!!!!
  14. dolfire999

    Prinz Eugen and ARP Nachi confirmed

    thx for being notice i would like to play with the RN since other dead naval game i loved the lion 1 and the nelson
  15. dolfire999

    Sooooo... Where are ranked battles?

    you have some merit about no team work in randoms but i want to get my mighty ZE KM/German BCs/BBs first b4 ranked battles come