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  1. outank

    Once upon a time, at my port...

    nice flooding. need a mod for dis.
  2. outank

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Yup, this thread ded
  3. outank

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Anything left over here?
  4. outank

    As my penance... I shall...

    ............................... Go do your nonsense somewhere else.
  5. Instant counters: slow down turn do both of them
  6. outank

    GPU usage problem

    check your background processes to see if they clog up too much of your space. Otherwise check your settings to see if you overextended your hardrive how to change your settings accordingly:
  7. outank

    Tips for PVE

    here are the two tips for the PVE, based on the one victory and 4 other fails: 1.Bring a Nurnberg. It now has great HE penetration, great turret angles, and still maintains the shortest reload time of the cruisers. This means that you can stack up damage in relatively quick succession. 2.highlight targets. in my 4 fails, almost no one was pointing out what to shoot at, and everyone let each other die eventually or/and letting the enemy breach the base and starting the main attack. Pressing F3 at a target may get others to shoot at it, so it does not have the chance to kill a teammate. It also prevents an enemy to breach the base, so you can catch your breath instead of frantically dodging shells from every direction.
  8. outank

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    eating chips, drinking tea
  9. outank

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    miss nyugen so much
  10. outank

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    see it for yourself
  11. outank

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    what party? dont know
  12. outank

    Need guide

    start by reading this: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/pukapuka-fleet/