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  1. Hiya hiya~ just decided to post in the forums so why not the newbies section haha? I have played for a few months of WoW and I really enjoyed it. Currently enjoying the lower-mid tiers of 3-5 using my Tenryu, Wakatake, Hosho & Kongo So far I am having a bit of a slump using Hosho - I dunno why but my fighter squad keep getting shot down so easily by other fighters, plus my torpedo squad often only manage 1 hit on BB per run Wakatake is fun! Love to blitz through using stealth and hunt down CVs xD Tenryu is pretty fun too though I always seem to get her killed early in the game :x Kongo was the main reason why I played BB class more times than the rest - hitting a target at 20+km is an awesome feeling, more so if it's a citadel hit :3 Anyways just saying hi to everyone here, add me if you need a support in the tier 3-5 games. (I will enter tier 6+ when I feel I have gain enough exp myself xD) My gaming time is 9-11:30pm (GMT +8) on weekdays, time varies on weekends. Alrighty then~ let's get our game on~