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  1. I made the mistake of selling the Emden I received in a previous prezzie, then had another crack. low and behold, out of the 5 more boxes I purchased yesterday, I got another 2 Emdens.....fml
  2. patch437

    German Ports (soon?)

    Sydney harbour would be great. I'd like to see it from the Garden Island prospective. Maybe HMAS KUTTABUL alongside, USS CHICAGO in the background. The harbour bridge in the distance with Q for Queenie flying underneath.
  3. patch437


    Has anyone been playing the Convoy Missions yet. If so , what are the mission requirements
  4. patch437

    Asia server best server

    I wonder what improvements are to be had when they merge the KR server with ours next year
  5. patch437

    THANKYOU WG for hearing us...

    Don't forget the IWAKI that Alpha testers got either
  6. patch437

    HMAS Perth Custom Flag

    did ya hear that Jingles, its a city mate
  7. patch437

    WoWs x Arpeggio Stage II

    Damage counter resets with each Part of the mission you complete, so 2 mill damage needed
  8. patch437

    Asus Event HELP!

    Code Expiry maybe ?
  9. patch437

    Looking for NSW players

    If you want winners you would need Queenslanders......lolz
  10. patch437

    Should WG replace the Pensacola with Northampton?

    Im all for the Portland class, wanna get my hands on the Indianapolis
  11. patch437

    172 pearls

    I thought you had to have the 145 pearls before it hit the 1.4 mil milestone
  12. patch437

    About Project R

    I guess my 132 aint gonna cut it
  13. patch437

    everything seems delayed

    Steering input times vary with the different ship types. Also sounds like your bouncing AP shells off thick/sloped armour.