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    真的常有這種情況: 1.就算自己走位,砲術再好,被分到noob隊還是會輸。 2.而且會看到前三或第一的獲得經驗有超過1000,其他的連900都沒(不曉得他們在幹嘛),某次我在第一位獲得經驗是第二位的兩倍以上。 3.當然有時是隊友太糟,一炮沒發就回港了。 4.承接第一點,會看到對面整個一小隊賣頭衝過來,自己隊友卻不回擊,還逃跑,然後我這一邊的戰線就沒有然後了。 ===== 以下內容有官方將分房輸贏問題推給戰略,戰技,戰術的說明(亞服還英文回覆!) 回報單: ID 116419555:戰役通知 phoenix5harry 建立於 2 週前 分房機制太爛,10場9輸,老是遇到爛隊友。 Natasha Nabokov 建立於 2 週前 已結案 Dear phoenix5harry, Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support! In order to faster attend to your case, please bear with me as I will be attending to your ticket in English. You are still welcomed to communicate with me in your own language. World of Warships doesn't provide an exactly even balance of teams, but instead puts players in relatively even situations based on the type of ship being used, not player skill. Tactics used in ship-based combat and recreated by players in the game are the best way to gain an advantage, but the matchmaker cannot control player tactics. We strongly encourage our players to learn these aspects of battling. Everyone in the office, without exception, plays the game, and enjoys playing the game. We occasionally encounter frustrating matchups of our own. If there were a systematic problem, we would be the first to jump on the developers for a rapid fix or improvement. If you want to ensure you are playing with/against players of roughly equal skill, you may want to try the Team Battles mode, which uses player skill as part of the matchmaking algorithm. Have a great day!
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    玩幾千場下來,真的覺得官方把遊戲月搞越爛。 1.船艦設定參考史實好歹因應遊戲改動至少每艘船改的量一樣。 2.分房機制10場9輸是怎樣,而且感覺業力的異動也算在裡面。 3.因為第1項的原因導致玩到最後都,常看到整隊龜著叫DD去前面送死,DD CA BB CV有各個功用,只有在大家配合在一起才是最強的。