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  1. Sorry for the title mistake the data must be 09/24 (I can't fix title anymore when i post this topic) Dear wargameing team I am a Taiwanese player. First congratulation to the game WOWS is now opening in Taiwan game market. I joined this game on 2014 end in "beta weekend" and have great fun in this game since that time. I really like history about all the ship in WWII expsiclly Japan ships. I got a lot of fun when I play the Japan ship in WOWS. It is so awesome to control the historic ship in my own. This game gives me a spectacular dream. Today I joined to the Press conference on Taiwan Tainan at the beach of 10 tier Gearing class destroyer ship "TE-YANG". On Taiwan offical web and facebook site say "if any Captain(gamer) want to be one of the member at this historic moment, Seize the opportunity there're surprises and Limited gift waiting for you~!!" SO I take 1.5 hour from Kaoshiung to Tainan and take a day off for my company and prepare for the surprises party. but I very Disappointed~!!! In this Press conference I got 1.Honor Guard show from the retire soldier (nice but not so perfect) 2.CEO video (wonderful video, CEO speak chinese to us) 3.Asia-Pacific manager Jasper Nicolas special tanks to gamer (really sincerity) 4.trail intro video for the "TE-YANG" ship (very bad video and stop at nonsense moment) and then Nothing~!!!! no gamer QA~~!!! no Souvenir~~!!! Oh I forgot you can get 50 gash point if you check-in your facebook YES it mean I take 1.5 hr(single trip) and take a day off for my company to get less than 2 US dollar worth gift. Your Taiwan sell team is so welcom so wonderful. Use 2 US dollar to buy my facebook page to made your ad and warm-up the conference and said this is surprises and Limited gift, It so clever. I have so much funny in that amazing event~~~ Of course I didnt take that check-in. OK that fine There is some buffet next to the conference stage but when I come to the food The staff said "these food are not for us normal gamer, it is for the Reporter and VIP" these sentences broken my heart. just dousing flames of passion. the CEO video and Jasper Nicolas speech, now look is so ridiculous. I think your need to watch your sell team in taiwan. Dont cheating or petty trick to the Loyal players. Or players might fight back someday.