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  1. Boom_King

    Gun issues

    Thanks for the reply. 1) Understood, thanks 2) Oh I've certainly fired my fair share of shots into a nearby island. But I am talking about shots out in open sea 3) Ah probably exactly what happened. 4) There is still an intermittent bug here. It's not the RNG, let me explain. Assuming dispersion is symmetrical distribution (equally likely to fall short or long) then 12 shots all falling short due to random variation would be 0.5 x 10^12 = 0.02% chance... or once in 5000 shots. And falling horribly short, as in km short? No. There's a bug.
  2. Boom_King

    BB shots falling short

    I also commented in the forums about this issue. It is not about gun dispersion or RNG - I fully understand why this needs to be part of the game dynamics. It's not a common issue, but a handful of times I've fired a BB broadside and had the entire group fall painfully short. And please, don't tell me about RNG and dispersion again; assuming there is a 50% chance shots will fall closer or further than intended when RNG is working correctly, the chances of all 12 shots falling short are 0.5^12 = 0.002% chance.
  3. Boom_King

    Gun issues

    I have noticed some gunnery issues that are really annoying. Maybe it's internet lag/lost packet related? It's most noticeable playing on a BB, due to the long reload time that makes misplaced shots more painful. The last 10 games playing my Tier V BB (New York) I've experienced all of these: 1/ Despite the ship having the reticule icon showing it is the current target, the games gunnery system decides that you really do want to aim at the hill 4km closer... why can't I fire over the damn thing, when the arc should clearly take it over? Surely no one ever plans on aiming at the land masses - this isn't a feature! 2/ Missing shots - sometimes I'll fire a broadside and only see a couple of shots actually fly... and all guns have the reload timer going 3/ Discharging when it shouldn't - sometimes I'll fire the guns that are facing, while the others are still rotating... yet the reload counter resets for all guns 4/ Falling horribly short - once in a while I'll fire a salvo that just falls ridiculously short. As in a 1km or more shorter from where I'd aimed to hit. And no, it's not to do with my ability to deflection shoot. Anyone else experience these?