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  1. Peter1289

    That Moment When....

    10. Then the next game you play is one of the best you play all night (but of course without the x2 bonus)
  2. Peter1289

    Like and Share Project R

    Just wondering, if you completed every single mission, how many Pearls would/should you have ? I've really struggled with the Carriers (just for a lousy 5 Pearls as well), just not my thing I guess. Great competition idea as well, more than happy for WG to learn from us if it help develops the concept for the other Servers, especially if it makes the communications clearer at the begining
  3. Wow, a whole bunch of "weekly missions" just appeared..... and ka-pow and I'm over the 145 mark I take back everything I was thinking about this mission... Merry Christmas War Gaming ...even though I just spent doubloons to retrain my New Mex Commander to Drive my New York, as I thought I could achieve the BB requirements at the same time as I achieve the Tier V kill requirements
  4. Peter1289

    looking for division

    Yup, add me if I'm online 'Peter1289' typically I don't play above Tier 7 however.... Possibly I'm a bit too chatty in game, but then again it is the SEA server where no one talks. Kind of like my New York at the moment....
  5. Peter1289

    Oh cool!

    Has anyone noticed (if you have played the Konigsberg) that it gets weird/strange Match Making, well, more so than the normal MM weirdness. By that I mean if there are two Konigsberg's in a match that they end up on the same team, then they start right next to each other...... is WG doing some last minute volume testing for balance ? Ok, tinfoil hat off now, stepping out of my Safe-room, turning off the TOR Browser while shutting down the diskless PC booting off Tails.........
  6. Peter1289

    Test Drive Event

    Maybe just don't try.... by that I mean I was trying hard in a couple of ships to get four kills but then thought sod it...... So took out my Ishizuchi for a laugh and to just enjoy things going 'boom', but managed to get 3 kills in that before I realised what was happening...... but then it became serious between myself and a New York each on three kills.....
  7. Peter1289

    Test Drive Event

    Plagiarised from reddit.com/r/worldofwarships NA has much better English for this. " Further conditions You will not be able to sell the test ships during the event. The event ships will earn Credit and XP income like any other vessel. A Port slot and a Commander with three skill points are included with each ship. All modules on both ships will have a cost of one XP and one Credit. Both test ships will be removed from your account once the event is over." "As a bonus, all XP gained on each of the test ships will be transferred to the tier I ship on its respective tech tree. The Crew XP earned by each test ship Commander will be transferred to the respective Commander of each tier I ship on the new tech tree." I don't think you get a free slot, as it is simply allocated to the Tier 1 Ship of that Nation. I got the Königsberg last night, it seems a bit prone to taking engine damage on every hit...