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  1. Chisato_Shirasagi

    UK Battleships Are OP

    well ... since the RN BB appeared especially tier X made Zao lose her job
  2. Chisato_Shirasagi

    Graf Zepellin pulled from Premium Shop

    This seems to be a homework for WG
  3. Chisato_Shirasagi

    should i report this Taiho? its like bot....

    you better never post anything like this again ... because it makes you ashamed of yourself
  4. Chisato_Shirasagi

    HMS Nelson coming Thursday this week

    uhhhh ... my free exp still stuck on 50k
  5. Chisato_Shirasagi


    WG has stop collabs with ABS , so ARP ships will not comeback again
  6. Chisato_Shirasagi

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    my New Target ... ? Grind British BB or IJN DD's maybe ...