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  1. j0e90

    German DD split proposal, 128-150

    Did you seriously just compare a plane sim to an arcade ships game? Sure, guided munitions *can* be dodged. Planes have an X, Y, Z environment to play with for a start. It is FAR harder for a surface ship to Dodge a homing torpedo. They rely on decoys in the main. Or modern era vessels use hull masking techniques like the US prarie masker. Guided munitions is the last thing this game needs. We have to survive the impending cluster 🦆 that is the 8.0 CV re work. And adding another DD with BB level hull plating? And homing torps. Let's just give it cruise missiles while we are at it. It took WG what, 12 months plus to balance the Khaba.
  2. j0e90

    German DD split proposal, 128-150

    Homing torpedoes would be a terrible idea. Yes they were about in WWII. And you only had to do 20 kn to outrun them. How can a player Dodge something moved ng at your suggested speed of 50kn if the torp can home in? That's the entire point of homing, you cannot Dodge them. Introducing these would mean KM would need single launch torps, which crosses over into the RN specialty. It would mean a rebalance of at least 1 line, and we know how well WG manages that. We'd end up with another bloody consumable ( acoustic decoy). And there are already too many consumables in this game. It's an answer to a question that doesn't require answering. And are you suggesting another DD with 50mm plating? Sounds like you are building a cruiser / Khaba clone. Just waht the game needs, another DD with 50mm armour, even if it is only the bow.
  3. j0e90

    Operation Dynamo

    It all depends of course on what the glass contains...
  4. j0e90

    Operation Dynamo

    The Minsk is under regarded for this OP. Flat firing guns, and whilst no def AA it's 3.9km aura is not bad, this morning I had 46 air kills. And the guns are prob the best in this Op for shooting the Schnel boats.
  5. j0e90

    Waiting for Christmas was bad enough...

    Condescending much? And saying it is less grindy than wot is irrelevant. Different game. Different devs. Different economies. And you should not excuse something that is crap In WOWS by saying, ah well it ok, WOT is worse. The simple truth is that without the PEF people are expected to accumate 24 million credits. In ONE week. That is a grind. I've been playing this game for a while and I've got a nice big port as well. And I'm not looking forward to it. And pity the guy that's been playing for 6 months to a year, how do you think that person would feel without your massive port?
  6. j0e90

    Waiting for Christmas was bad enough...

    And you think spending up to 30 games ( your words ) to complete a directive is anything but grindy? The addition of the PEF to five of the nation grinds ( Germany plus the other 4 ) is a pretty clear cash grab by WG. " Here, buy this ship early and complete five of the mission directives at once". Then if you are lucky enough to own the mighty 'Mo, job done.
  7. j0e90

    Waiting for Christmas was bad enough...

    Heh, and the 3rd week is nothing compared to what you will need to grind in Week 4. 4 MEELLION credits x 6 for each nation....
  8. j0e90

    Alaska and Azuma, outrageous update

    Isn't it going to be 1meelion free XP?
  9. Yeah, that 4million credit s x 6 nations looks super grindy. Ok, with the Missouri it's really 5 nations. Even with credit flag/ cammos stacked I don't know how realisttic this is to grind. 10 games per nation at 400k per game? And my average likely ro be under that. I'll have to test tonight and see what my avg credit per game is, I don't pay any attention to that usually.
  10. j0e90

    We shall remember them.

    Took my 14 year old daughter to They Shall Not Grow Old today https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/nov/10/the-faces-are-unbelievable-peter-jackson-on-they-shall-not-grow-old Amazing work by Peter Jackson and Weta. Pretty harrowing film, was hard for her to watch. If you get a chance, see it.
  11. j0e90

    Mogami Guns and Captain Skills

    Yup - This, for me the Mogami is a keeper. I've got the Ibuki, just not got around to grinding yet as Im doing other lines. I think you canget away more with a 10 pt captain on 203mm cruisers, then on 155s, as you really need IFHE
  12. j0e90

    Best tier for fun?

    Really? The Fiji is possibly the best non prem T7 cruiser. After T5 the only speed bump is the Neptune at T9, but T9 speed bumps are common. T7 def the place for 'less rage' play in randoms. And the Fiji rocks.
  13. j0e90

    YueYang nerf is a really bad idea

    Not played the ship so dont have any skin in the game on this one, but a 33% nerf to DPM sounds well, either WG REALLY f'd up on the ship setup or its the usual WG over reaction. I don tfind the Yueyang as hard to face as the Haragumo Notser floated an intersting solution if the Yueyang needs such a big nerf, given that the root of the issue is the Radar - introduce 2 hulls. You want Radar? well then you get the hull with crap DPM. You want smoke? Hello pew pew machine guns
  14. Okay, you have to look further down the tiers to see why T8 often gets screwed. When protected MM for T4 was introduced this had a ripple effect. T7 often ends up being top tier, meaning T8 gets pushed up. Along with the variable player pool at T10 T8 often gets the stinky end of the stick.
  15. j0e90

    IJN CA/DD buff... for reals?

    You've been missing out on the Mogami then, forget the 203s, 155 filthy he spam for the win. With IFHE 5,6,7 even 8 k he salvos are common. The Mgami got a much needed turret rotation buff a while back.