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  1. j0e90

    Here lies the CC is falling apart

    Isnt SHP at the drive shaft before prop? In which case the type of engine is moot ( if we are only talking about raw shp output) - obviously there are massive differences in efficiency , size and responsiveness. I know its easy to misinterpret this stuff, just ask any car nut who thinks power at flywheel = power to the wheels. And I could easily be misinterpreting it. I found this interesting https://www.marineinsight.com/main-engine/12-terminologies-used-for-power-of-the-ships-marine-propulsion-engine/#:~:text=Shaft Horse Power%3A The horsepower,which is available on board. Of course, if anyone thinks that WG are going to used terms accurately, well that same person probably thinks that this game is a historically accurate naval simulation! like, say a certain CC given the way he gets so excited sometimes.
  2. j0e90

    What is that ?

    One more, how can a dd launch more tonnage of torps in a game than the ship displaces...
  3. You are missing the bacon option in your survey
  4. j0e90

    me again

    Nice result, altho in that boat the skill level required is akin to lighting a can of petrol with match. You do realise that for every filthy Smolensk game like this WG kills a kitten by fire?
  5. j0e90

    PLEASE FIX IX tier Soyuz DAMAGE Bug

    For players to talk about the game, share ideas / and post about how they see the game. To provide information to other players about strategy, tips and to whinge like little girls about problems. And just shitpost random crap. And maybe promote a sense of community ( cough hahaha ) . If you think that the developers ever look at the forums, ahaha. Thats why there are supertesters. So the ST can test the ships, give feedback to WG, and then WG ignores that feedback and listens to mighty spreadsheet. But as far as improving the effectiveness of fire goes, I recommend checking out ichasegamings youtube series on how to warships.
  6. j0e90

    PLEASE FIX IX tier Soyuz DAMAGE Bug

    maybe after 3 posts you should have worked out that wargaming doesnt actually look to the forums for issues with ships. Its all in the magic spreadsheet.
  7. j0e90


    No No No. Wargaming has a finite amount of hit point it can allocate to ships. They realised that Slava needed better survivability. So what they will do is give the Slava teh HP they took form the Odin. That way Balans can be maintained. You poor souls probably dont realsie that second law of thermodynamics also applies to ship HP. Once you realise this, then all theWG balansing actions are easy to understand. Its is just science, not bias.
  8. I dont think its disconnections. Ive noticed an inlfux of new accounts with crap / suspect players form this May on, just check their profile on thepost battle screen. Same again 2 battles later. I cannot be arsed hiding the names, but again none of these pinkk players moved all game
  9. Yeah, so farming kills in co op for that 36 kill directive and I had this wonderful experience. 5 pink ships, all AFK /BOT - the warpsite, 2 x new York Trento and Konigsberg. The 2 new york 'players' accounts were registered 1st June, so 2 days old. in which time over 200 games played. Most of those were Random games. If you want to waste 15 minutes of your life feel free to watch the replay.... 20200603_111914_PASC206-Dallas_05_Ring.wowsreplay
  10. Every publisher is moving to their own game launcher it seems. A bit like the plague of media streaming services these days. As launchers go, the WOWS one isn't too bad ( Epic is just awful, forcing integration wit their social network as well whatever the fek that is ). This has been fairly well telegraphed by WG. As far as I know you are stuck the launcher now if you want to keep the game up to date. You can still start the game by running the exe directly, but no launch, no updates as far as I know.
  11. And Belfast, Kremlin and Balansgrad. Jokes aside it will be interesting to see what contributions the NA team can make here.
  12. If they took all the stupid RNG mechanics out of WOWS there wouldn't be a game.
  13. Now you know how the casinos stay in business 😉
  14. j0e90

    Seattle: A Mediocre Buffalo

    I would say any sentence comparing seattle at all to Buffalo is setting you up for failure. The Buffalo has 27mm hull plating, so it can auto bounce 380mm BB shells ( German, French British). The seattle is a tissue paper coated citadel, most any BB can lol pen it from the front that it encounters. So you have to use islands, use your rainbow arced shells of freedom whilst wondering why the Seattle feels so bad after the Cleveland. Or be smart and do what Ralph did.
  15. First world problems, in all honesty if someones breaking an NDA, well that is up to them. Im long over worrying a out pre release stats of ships.