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  1. j0e90

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    I mean what's the worst that could happen eh?
  2. j0e90

    Nelson or Duke of York

    At 375k free XP Nelson is probably the best value free XP ship. Learn how to stern tank with her big fat Arse, abuse the built in ship reprint facility along with Adrenanline rush. Just dont get sucked into only firing HE.
  3. RNG is too large a factor in WOWS and WOT for it work as an esport.
  4. The thing is on stream he has been looking at other players stats post game for years, and hes not the only streamer that does that. If you believe thats the real reason he got kicked, then you should invest money in Theranos https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theranos , you will make a fortune, trust me. Its a pretty clear sign that WG only want flag wavers in the CC program.
  5. Yeah, Flamu getting axed. And allegedly CCs and STs have been told not to comment? Thats , well actually I was gonna say surprising, but no, given the state of WG PR, nothing is surprising.
  6. j0e90

    Who reported me?

    And to be honest, who cares?
  7. j0e90

    ST guys, really?

    And you have to ask why so 1 clan has so many STs. 6 from one clan, out of 50?
  8. Quick and dirty co op game in the best T7 tech tree ship
  9. Well, if that was the case they couild just use the game launcher to let the player base know of technical issues and that WG are working on it. No avenue then for players to comment.
  10. That's a lot of text to miss the point. We aren't talking high level PR here, which I believe as an organization WG will never get right due to cultural issues. Not talking about 'engagrment', just basic communication of issues. This is the basic 101 stuff, like server down , put out a tweet etc. Server update running over time, put out a tweet. If my useless local train company can do it to inform of service issues, how hard can it be? To start talking about the puerto rico fiasco/iearrlgrey is just confusing the issue. WG needs to learn to crawl before they can walk when it comes to this stuff, right now they are a milk drunk baby flailing in a tub of jellyo.
  11. What particulary frustrating is that WG Asia does not use the tools that they have to communicate with the player base when when there is this type of **** up. Like, Oh, I dont know the game launcher they foisted on us a year or so back. Or maybe they could resurrect the WOWS asia twitter account, which last time I checked had been dormant since 2018. instead their player communication is limited to volunteers mod running on a forum. They are literally 15 years behind the times when it comes to communicating effectivly, and I feel like Im being generous saying that.
  12. YOUCANTWINALLTHETIME . What an apt code , with SEA and codes it would be funny if it wasnt so true. Maybe WG are trying to tell us something?
  13. Yes it is fantastic. Just like my 6 pack. When you see me on the beach, you may think, look at the that fat tub o lard, but trust me, the 6 pack is REAL. Its just buried, deep/ Real deep, it enables me to do at least 2 sit ups per day, just like WG bot detection system bans 2 bots per month.
  14. Ya, but according to a mod / WG staffer @ 1:20 in it is.