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  1. Magic spreadsheet says they are fine I bet
  2. j0e90

    Error Connecting to Server

    How do you know this? I cannot find any official communication from WG, on the forum, or (snort) the WOWS Asia twitter account. although that's a dead account, they havent posted there in years.
  3. j0e90

    Error Connecting to Server

    Unable to connect from NZ as of now.
  4. One of our clan mates was complaining of this. I take great pleasure trolling him in discord with all my multi coal drops. Saying that it wouldn't surprise me if they had subtly tweaked the drop rate with all the 240 - 260k coal ships coming out to force more grind
  5. j0e90

    RN DD Commander Skills?

    That might make them a bit OP. The initial plan was to give them a bonus so they could Pen 19mm I think. But I think the IFHE rework is on pause, not heard anything for a while
  6. j0e90

    RN DD Commander Skills?

    Hell, I kept em all from T7 up. I suggest you keep a close eye on WGs signaled changes to IFHE. There was a suggestion that the high tier UK DDs would get a slight HE pen buff as part of a proposed IFHE nerf to allow them to pen most other same tier DDs without IFHE. Right now IFHE is compulsory, but if you could get away without it, well that would be amazing. Note these changes could be months away, and WG may change their mind. But this why I am going for the Thunderer over the Smolensk, if WG does nerf IFHE that ship will be hit pretty hard.
  7. j0e90

    Cossack or Haida?

    Cossack is one of those DDs that is still competitive when bottom tier. I dont have Haida, so cannot comment on how good it is, but I suggest you check out how it does when in T9 games. This is the measure I use when deciding if I want to go for a premium. Although as the Haida is T7 it does benefit from MM and is more often top tier than not.
  8. You will never get any confirmation from support over any action taken from reports of bots as I understand it. Privacy laws and all that crap. Well at least that's the excuse offered. I suspect the system is deliberately awkward and opaque as WG don't really want mass bot reports - it would hurt numbers. And a properly policed system would require WG to employ more people looking into reports.
  9. j0e90

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    Any of you old fellahs remember the Clayton's ads from the 70s and 80s? Obviously whoever worked on that campaign now works for wargaming "Wargaming, the discount you have when your not getting a discount..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylH43Tcaj60
  10. j0e90

    Narai-My tactics

    Tactics are simple, watch the mini map and go where people arent. Type in chat at start of game and say that you can do cv / transports etc. OK, half the server population wont understand, but people arent mind readers, sometimes telling people what you plan on doing does work. Its more important that you pick the right ship that can solo transports / CV if required.
  11. EXACTLY what I have found - last night the forum etc kept being unavailable. I guess I will raise a ticket - suggest you do the same for what that is worth .
  12. As I said, I have tried from both home AND work - two different ISPs. And the routing my work uses is totally to different to home. Maybe you should read the post before commenting....ah wait, its the Internet isn't it, who actually reads a post completely before replying. Stupid me.
  13. Hey, anyone else having issues with ridiulous latency - 400 to 1500 ms, esp in the Auckland area. last 36 hours Game is unplayable, and I have tested this both from my home and work, on two different PCs, ping is the same. So dofferent ISPs, different computers. Anyone else? Just thought Id ask before submitting a worthless ticket.
  14. How to give the middle finger to ANZ - lock the codes for an event to a video streaming in the early hours of the morning.
  15. j0e90

    compensation for the server crash

    Yeah, I agree with the OP. There were also server issues this afternoon to day for about an hour, Cumulative affect of these outages makes it harder and harder to complete this miserable grindfest