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  1. the high tier UK CAs are very underrated
  2. j0e90

    Belfast Auction

    thats actually on the low end of what I was expecting I would not have been surprised if it went for 35 to 40k. SO they sold 900 ships at about $175 NZD each , worked out to about $155k NZD. Not a bad return for a bunch of pixels created several years ago.
  3. j0e90

    Black or Neutrazimy?

    Neutrashimy. The Zombie heal + Kuzentov makes it just evil. God tier concealment as well. It has a lot of utility. Black is also gud boat, and it is prob a coin flip between 2. Ive stuggled to make my black work for me, which I am sure is down to me trying to force a situation where I can use radar rather than being patient and just letting things happen. Bottom line, I think you should be happy with either. guess I find the Black too similar to the rest of teh US line maybe, the 'shimy is a little bit different.
  4. j0e90

    Why was I reported????

    I will add not using the correct ammo at the right time. UK DD AP wrecks when broadside, you had the side of the napoli for a long time, and you persisted firing HE even after she had multiple fires burning. You also opprtunities early on at the B cap to smoke and fire off some quick HE vollies as well, more a missed opportunity rather than a cardinal sin. And at the end you were firing AP at the bow in Daring, kind of a moot point by then as the game was lost. But yeah, your drving in circles around ther top of B cap was not ideal.
  5. j0e90

    US 3rd Battleship line is coming!

    <sarcasm> Im so pumped for this line. This is exactly what the game needs more BBs thinking they are CVs, parking behind islands and forgetting about the big ass guns at the front of the ship. Those gun barrels are just there to be left permanently forward to help the planes line up their approach after all. </sarcasm>
  6. j0e90

    Around the world and got nowhere fast...

    Looks like you started the mission chain too late, that mission chain has been up for the last 3 or 4 weeks if I recall correctly. Sometimes its hard to stay on top of all the places weegee likes to scatter missions - unless you actively monitor all the articles via the games launcher it can be easy to miss an event.
  7. j0e90


    For yammy always aim at the cheeks by the front turret at waterline, guaranteeed cit.
  8. One of my Clan mates had this fun and engaging ranked experience - the other side had CV plus 2 kearsarge . A grand time was had by all allegedly. I know MM doe not balance the hybrids, just as it doesnt balance radar. the radar situation is lot better than it was back when only a handful of ships had radar, but the hybrids should be balanced. Ah well , back to the Gulag to join the rest of the proletariat.
  9. Tankiest class in the game ;) Surfaced a sub can take more HE hits from DD class guns to sink than an equivalent tier DD. And given subs have a lower HP pool, I wonder what space magic armour is going on.
  10. I've entered my signal numbers into the Weege spreadsheet At first glance it looks like there will be a significant drop in the number of bonus signals. My guess this is deliberate, and part of a longer term goal to rebalance the economy. There are chages to base economy to compensate but the cynic in me says long term a reduction in signals in game will make it easier for Economy changes to be made that may have a revenue boost for WG. Hope Im wrong, Im far too tired to really engage my braincell. But if I read the spreadsheet right ther eis gonna be a big drop in signal, which will of course be chewed thrrough quicker. Any suprised that this is also being announced as Souperships go live. WG really want to kneecap the economy and increase the grind I fear,
  11. Im too tired too work out what this mean, but I am certain this will cause a **** show regardless. Hope WG learned from the Missouri economy fiasco. Side note I see they have announced a nerf tonoght to the souper ships.
  12. j0e90

    Is it worth coming back?

    So long as you enjoy being Perma spotted by CVs, with 0 counterplay options and and now Perma spotted by DDs who can abuse a broken mechanic that lets them spot and attack you while sailing being invisble, yep come right on back.
  13. The karma system has about as much meaningful impact on the game as throwing an egg on your PC screen. Actually, chucking an egg has more impact than the meaningless report / compliment system.
  14. j0e90

    Wargaming leave Russia and Belarus

    Not true. They moved their headquarters to Cyprus in 2011 a few months after the launch of WOT. WG have been around since the late 90s. As far as severing ties between Lesta and WG goes, dont take the statements at face value, please. Yes it may prove 100% true that the entitity Wargaming no longer has a direct ownerships /relationship with Lesta. That does not mean the shareholders of wargaming won't continue to have a relationship with Lesta. I can almost guarantee that Lesta's ownership will be moved to a new holding company the ownership of which will be hidden by the shell game of trusts and offshore holding companies. And WG will probably claim a massive tax loss on the transfer, although in Cyprus that may not mean much... Sure there will be operational hits, rebranding will cost a bomb if they ditch the Wargaming name , working out how to operate the Ru servers, moving Lesta. They will have planned for most of this.
  15. j0e90

    Wargaming leave Russia and Belarus

    I suspect it will have far less impact than most people fear. the recent 'pandemic of unknown origin' showed the full possibilities of remote work. hell, one of my old school mates spent nearly 20 years as a game dev for Maxxis and then EA, he spent nearly all that time working remotely in the UK over a crappy 3G then 4G link that gave him 6Mbps on a good day Key staff will move, dev peeps will quite possibly keep working from home in Belarus in the near term. WGs have the finacncial structure already in placewhat with being domiciled in Cyprus that much of this will be rearranging deck chairs.