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  1. j0e90

    We shall remember them.

    Took my 14 year old daughter to They Shall Not Grow Old today https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/nov/10/the-faces-are-unbelievable-peter-jackson-on-they-shall-not-grow-old Amazing work by Peter Jackson and Weta. Pretty harrowing film, was hard for her to watch. If you get a chance, see it.
  2. j0e90

    Mogami Guns and Captain Skills

    Yup - This, for me the Mogami is a keeper. I've got the Ibuki, just not got around to grinding yet as Im doing other lines. I think you canget away more with a 10 pt captain on 203mm cruisers, then on 155s, as you really need IFHE
  3. j0e90

    Best tier for fun?

    Really? The Fiji is possibly the best non prem T7 cruiser. After T5 the only speed bump is the Neptune at T9, but T9 speed bumps are common. T7 def the place for 'less rage' play in randoms. And the Fiji rocks.
  4. j0e90

    YueYang nerf is a really bad idea

    Not played the ship so dont have any skin in the game on this one, but a 33% nerf to DPM sounds well, either WG REALLY f'd up on the ship setup or its the usual WG over reaction. I don tfind the Yueyang as hard to face as the Haragumo Notser floated an intersting solution if the Yueyang needs such a big nerf, given that the root of the issue is the Radar - introduce 2 hulls. You want Radar? well then you get the hull with crap DPM. You want smoke? Hello pew pew machine guns
  5. Okay, you have to look further down the tiers to see why T8 often gets screwed. When protected MM for T4 was introduced this had a ripple effect. T7 often ends up being top tier, meaning T8 gets pushed up. Along with the variable player pool at T10 T8 often gets the stinky end of the stick.
  6. j0e90

    IJN CA/DD buff... for reals?

    You've been missing out on the Mogami then, forget the 203s, 155 filthy he spam for the win. With IFHE 5,6,7 even 8 k he salvos are common. The Mgami got a much needed turret rotation buff a while back.
  7. Surprised he didn't toss in a complaint that the Belfast doesn't have torpedoes. I mean, how else could you expect it to deal with all those OP T8 / T9 ships?
  8. j0e90

    Fiji Bullets

    Trying to resist being dictionary police.....cannot !!!! ITS SHELLS, NOT BULLETS. Pistols and rifles fire bullets. Artillery ( land and naval ) fire shells. Right, I'll back to my cave of pedantry now.
  9. j0e90

    Technical issues found.

    Weird, could play at work late afternoon, but now same isssue as everyone else.....
  10. I don think it really addresses many of the issues, feels like a knee jerk band aid. Setting the bar at 283mm is too low IMHO. I think Notser said its more of a high tier issue and I tend to agree.The sigma on most mid tier BBS is so crap that AP pen damage T5 - 7 is not a problem I feel blapping around in a farragut, minsk shira etc etc. And cruisers, even those with big 280 - 300s should be able to wreck DDs - in the alleged paper/scissors/rock meta anyway. I guess they can switch to HE quicker. Maybe WG is trying to push people to take Expert Loader more 😋 Radar is the bogey man - giving the chapeyev nearly 2 km of radar stealth window is crazy for example. Plus all the other radar issues - going through islands etc etc.
  11. I wish they mods would move this to General and sticky it. I think that would reduce the bot posts in the forum
  12. So there is a chance there will still be the ability to earn soveriegns? Hope so, I will be 40 short of 220.
  13. j0e90

    Is Duca d'Aosta a good cruiser?

    Unless you play EVERY game in the one premium, I reckon in 90 days prem time you'd get a benefit equal to owning a T8 prem for at least year. I know there are folk out there that just play a single ship, but most of us like to chop n change. And if the purpose is to speed up earning to grind credits for new ships, well I assume you are going to play the shiny new ships? So I'd go prem. Hell, prem time even makes co-op economic up to a reasonable tier. I remember watching some world of tanks clip of some dude that had something like 5-7000 games in the E25. That's taking it to the next level. Might have even been over 10k it was on Jingles channel.
  14. j0e90

    Is Duca d'Aosta a good cruiser?

    There are clans out there, ANZAC is full right now, but if you are active earning crates regularly you should be able to find a home. Its well worth it. There is find a clan thread buried somewhere in the forum I think. Our clan base is not maxxed out, but right now it gives us the following buffs -10% repair cost, - 12% ship cost, +4% ship XP, +20% free XP, +5% coal and + 10% commander XP per battle. That a lot of XP / economy buffs per game. We are not competitive, far from it most of us are well under 50% wr. Just so long as people play a fwe times a week and generate some oil we are happy. Also, I'd suggest you save up for premium time instead of a ship. It gets boring just grinding the same ship for money all the time, premium time really does make a difference. even if only for 90 days. I let my prem run out 4 months ago, and I've still got a metric **** ton of cash in the bank.
  15. That's a mighty fine example of parallel parking. That Iron Duke must have the 'Parking Assist' upgrade module fitted instead of the GFC module.