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  1. j0e90

    Is 2100 base XP really so hard?

    Play Smolensk Burn em all Have a shower after you filthy animal
  2. Okay, my turn. DE is 2 % , not 3. And the built in fire reistance DOES impact on the real world effect of fire chance and DE. To ignore it is just kiddng yourself. Esp at high tiers. We all know that DE scales massivly for low fire chance shells.
  3. THIS. Thing is he's a good BB jockey, in a rip shit in bust smash em kinda a way. A real asset in divs. I went through the math on our discord, pointed out that BEST case DE will give 2% more fires PER GAME due to T10 ships haivng built in fire resistance values. Ditto for SE, all the old tropes about UK dont nee dmore health, you leverage your super heal in conjunction with adrenaline rush etc etc. Really Im just venting, he's a top guy and if his build makes him happy, I should just STFU. No one likes an anal retentive maths pedant 😉
  4. Yeah, like it says in the title. He is convinced DE has made a big difference to his counqeror. Oh he also runs survivability expert as well. Lost that discussion.
  5. Expecting you get to get 15 wins in 1 day in the clan battle mode that has the typical FU ANZ timeslot. Even if these games are only 5-6 minutes long ( thats a complete guess) , with a 50/50 winrate thast getting onto to 3 hours solid
  6. Okay, I really suck at timezones, but if if I read the times right for Asia11:00 - 16:00 UTC equals starting at midnight for NZ and 10 pm NSW time? If so, once again ANZ is getting screwed over by WG. Hopefully they'll let us select the NZ timezone as per Clan Battles.
  7. j0e90

    Bonus Code EU Stream **Expired**

    Yup, just like S4pp3R, I was watching the stream last (45 minutes ) and the code didnt drop the mission. Meant to be a new mission for the euro DDs.
  8. j0e90

    Bonus Code EU Stream **Expired**

    Stream was full of people saying code had been accepted but no code given.
  9. j0e90

    Bonus Code EU Stream **Expired**

    worked for me, tnx EDIT spoke too soon - code accepted but no mission given.
  10. j0e90

    Extended version of the IFHE changes. 0.9.2

    So IJN 100mm DDs have 30mm HE pen now? wow.
  11. j0e90

    Help with British Battleships?

    Yeah, Monarch is probably the lines speed bump. In the monarch the low cal guns really struggle esp when down tiered, but by then you should be used to spamming HE. You finally get 16" guns at T9, and more importantly the RN super heal. Ive read a lot people dislike the Lion, but I find it a good ship in the old fashioned 9 gun 16" BB kind of way.
  12. j0e90

    . . . why !!! BECAUSE

    If you want a laugh have a look at the WOWS asia twitter page - I think it was last used in 2018. If WG could they would do everything in a bubble and not even have to pretend to listen to player base, CCS etc. Right now the responses from WG ( SubOctavian esp ) are like listening to an Anti Vaxxer try to explain that vaccines cause Autism - WG have no idea of the difference between causation and correlation. Because the Holy Spreadsheet is the word and the word is the LAW. So good luck with WG taking any action on scenarios, its pretty clear its of 0 priority as scenarios dont sell premium ships.
  13. j0e90

    what if you got duplicate ARP ship?

    And free port slots
  14. Has been mentioned, b ut worth stressing how good the USN AP is at high tier Your AP shells have better auto bounce angles, so even against angled cruisers and superstructure of BB you AP is effective. Once you work out when to use US AP, you'll love it. hits like a brick. Suggest a youtube search on Baltimore / USN AP.
  15. j0e90

    Petition to SWAP USN radar and RU radar!

    Spreadsheet says MatchMaker working as intended.