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  1. j0e90

    compensation for the server crash

    Yeah, I agree with the OP. There were also server issues this afternoon to day for about an hour, Cumulative affect of these outages makes it harder and harder to complete this miserable grindfest
  2. j0e90

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    free xp to next tier. Jokes aside, T8 ships in general see T10 A LOT. I guess,use cover to got in close to reduce the KM gun trolling.
  3. j0e90

    Coal ship: Jean Bart or USS Georgia

    Its dispersion is more like cruiser than BB
  4. The love child of a Benson and Clemson. 2 x 4 torps PER SIDE at T9, 86 seconds reload
  5. j0e90

    Hooray! I'm meritorious!

    I just wish it wouldnt show the bloody certificate EVERY BLOODY TIME I log in. This UI is crap enough without forcing me to waste 0.02 calories and hit the esc key to close it. Yeah, Im scraping the bottom the of the barrel for first world problems to whine about.
  6. Really, so nothing to do with a diet of steak n cheese pies and milklshakes?
  7. zzzz first world problems if this is what is keeping you awake at night. I myself am far more worried about important things, like the direct correlation between my receding hairline and expanding belly despite giving up alcohol. But even then, I don't loose any sleep over those world shattering concerns
  8. j0e90

    The Killer Whale Alderaan Anomaly

    Phhfft. Id say people that think that sailing all the way into the harbour to the docked BB is the biggest issue with this mission.
  9. j0e90

    Aigle - Yay or Nay?

    Sounds like you're doing it wrong. Just drop your nuts in a vice and wind up nice and tight, then you can get the full experience, leaving your hands free to play ranked, punch your self in the face, etc..
  10. j0e90

    AI question

    I know a while back bot AI regarding torpedo detection was 'balansed' to reduce their torpedo beats ness. But yeah, sometimes it seem like bots have perma 8km hydro.
  11. Damn this was illuminating.
  12. j0e90

    worth getting ?

    and you can buy 10 pt captains for coal.....
  13. WG are firmly entrenched in +/- 2 MM. World of Tanks could use +/-1 even more than World of Warships for instance. It ain't gonna happen. Its a free to play game, and spanking players with crap MM forcing them to progress is just part of the business model. They 'could' tweak MM to guarantee certain ratios of ship tiers in every game, but the server population is a big issue. They have messed around with this for years in WOT , usually making things a lot worse before they got slightly better. And WOT has far higher server pops than WOWS giving WG more headroom to mess things up. I mean improve things. Often the ASIA server pop is well below 2k. When you break that up into Random battles, co-op and scenario players across all the tiers, they don't have a lot of room to fiddle with the blunt instrument of the current MM setup without blowing out the game queue times.
  14. j0e90


    He's stumbled upon the WG master plan for the rework of the RU CL line to compliment the Pobeda. T10 Russian Cruiser 'Burnski' 25km range, 152mm guns with in built IFHE, 990m Velocity. 4.5 second reload. On the Moskva hull, with upgraded stalinium plating. And of course the main battery is dual puropose, so it will have AA that will put the filthy Amerikans to shame.
  15. j0e90

    [ichase] even he.........

    The problem is there weren't that many CCs that were CV mains pre 8.0. Fem went to work for WG, Fara well, he's still sulking and playing a lot on the China server. The herd still look to people like Flamu, ichase, Notser and god forbid Jingles for gameplay tips. Expecting any other reaction from this lot is well, a bit naive. None of them were/are CV mains. Wg have increased the number of CCs by a lot, maybe some pro CV people will float to the top. This is hardly a new complaint etiher, pre 8.0 there was a near complete lack of gameplay guides on how to CV. Some of the old pro RTS (Fara) people have flagged this as one of the reasons why the old system failed to get numbers.