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  1. elfking2000

    embarrassing spelling mistakes

    WOWS Developers How do you feel that your game has so many embarrassing spelling mistakes? OK, not the English version, but the Chinese version, still, spelling mistakes in your game GUI, menu are embarrassing and annoying. Some are just simple and basic words, like "report" a player, the word report should be translated to "举报", not "回报", as now in your game, which means "return in favor". where did you get that translation from, even google translator does better than that. Not asking you become expert at all languages, but at least show some professionalism to your work. Tell you what, send me the English game menu, I translate that to correct Chinses for free, save your budget, and save your embarrassment.
  2. elfking2000

    Do not use Google Translate

    Hello WOWS, 2 suggestions about your game Chinese menu. 1, get a professional translation company. There are some so obvious translation mistake in the current Chinese menu. "battleship" is '战列舰' in Chinese, not what in the menu now '主力舰'. '主力舰' in Chinese means 'the main force' in a fleet, so it can be any ships. "Apply" should be translate to '应用', not what in the menu now '套用'. In Chinese '套用' imply applying rules for Object A to Object B(which is a different type of thing), and it emphases on the rules/policies that applied to Object B was not initially made for B. Yes, in English the word 'apply' is used in all those situations, but in Chinese they are two different words. That's why you should get a professional translation company, whose staff speak native Chinese Chinese, not English Chinese, and please do not use google translate. 2, use Simplified Chinese, not Traditional Chinese. If you intention is to please your players, and attract new customers, not for some stupid political correctness, you should use Simplified Chinese, simply because even outside China, nowadays, there are more people use simplified Chinese, this includes the entire Singapore, and over million international students from main land China, and this number increase dramatically each year.
  3. elfking2000

    Lunar New Year?

    WOWS, what Lunar New Year are you celebrating? There were a few countries/civilisations used Lunar calendars in history, which one you are celebrating to? The one whose new year is coming soon is the Chinese New Year. And the picture is Chinese Lion Dance, so I guess you are referring to the Chinese New Year, Then why don't you call it "Chinese New Year Marathon", as the entire rest of the world does. What are you trying to do?
  4. Simple, just add total damage you did in a battle on the team score board at the end of the game, like what WOT has. That really give me satisfy feeling of achievement.
  5. elfking2000

    Chinese tier 1 premium battleship

    I made a model of this ship some 20 years ago, (how can I upload pics here?) if they make this one a premium ship, as that two Russian premium ships, I certainly will buy one.
  6. elfking2000

    Chinese tier 1 premium battleship

    Saw this post on the US WoW forums, liked it very much, so relay it here. the original post link is: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/40120-chinese-tier-1-premium-battleship/ "A brave man who loved his own but gave his life for an alien flag." Philo McGiffen-Commander of Zhenyuan 1834 year of jiawu(ancient Chinese Sexagenary Cycle Calendar),the ancient country-China already cut herself off from outsides for hundreds of years,after The Napier Affair(William John Napier),China suffered a lot in next 60 years,this old country finally realized they need a powerful Navy to defend herself,and they have to open it's market to this world.The same thing happend to Japan in 1853,it's called Perry Expedition.Both China and Japan started to learn from their westen visitors.The creation of their morden Navy began almost at the same time.And of couse they can't build warships on their own at first,so they bought cruisers/destroyers/battleships all from Britain Germany and France.In 1881 Chinese government ordered two ironclad from Germany,named Dingyuan & Zhenyuan,they were protected by thick armor,which was considered to be able to resist any naval artillery at the time,two ships are the same,both completed in 1884,they were much more powerful than Japanese warships at that time.Two years later,August 1st 1886,the Qing Dynasty's Navy called the Beiyang Fleet paid a visit to Japan Nagasaki,when japanese saw those great war machines they considered China as their biggest threat.After that Japan made a big plan. 1894 another year of jiawu.The first sino-japanese war broke out.This was the first battle fought between warships of modern make.Dingyuan the flagship of Beiyang Fleet didn't last very long,on 5 February 1895,the Dingyuan was seriously damaged,captain Liu Buchan ordered the ship scuttled.Zhenyuan Captured by the Japanese after the Battle of Weihaiwei on 17 February 1895, Zhenyuan was taken as a prize of war.In 1904 she was relegated to the IJN 5th Fleet, and was successful in attacking Russian troop transports in Battle of Tsushima. Zhenyuan was sold for scrap on 6 April 1912, and scrapped in Yokohama in 1914. Dingyuan 2014 year of jiawu again,a group of Chinese made a documentary about War of Jiawu (In Japan, it is called the Japan–Qing War),if you intrested in this China-Japan history and you understand Chinese language do check out China Central television's offical website ( hhpp://tv.cntv.cn/video/VSET100236516656/9c703f87ed2f4e0aaeea20b66484f36d )---please replace hhpp with http,because the system doesn't alow me to post a link of this documentary. armament:2 x twin 305mm breech loading guns2 x single 150mm breech loading guns6 x single 37mm guns3 x torpedo tubes more characteristics please see Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_ironclad_Zhenyuan Added 2 pics of a model of this ship I made many years ago. (thank Lupis, for the advise)
  7. elfking2000

    damage of shells, why it is so low?

    thank you very much. this is a very useful link. well found it hard to make any different, because in reality, I barely had any chance to get that close to fire shells precisely on a particular part, as it showed on the videos. Most time we just shot in far long distance, and already concern lucky if just get any hit, not mention hit on which part.
  8. I found on average my 155mm HE shells did less than 1000 damage, not matter from what my ships, and hit on what type ships, like my Tier 4 155mm HE hit on Tier 2 destroys, some 50 hits HE only did less than 50K damage. And for my low tiers, like Tier 3 and below, 155mm HE shells can only did average 500 damage. So bad. My battleships got even worse result, no matter I used HE or AP, average damage all lower than 1K, for a max damage 4000 HE shells, after 20-30 hits, damage less than 25K, it's pathetic. why? any way to make my shells more effective? did I do anything wrong? thanks guys for any advises.