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  1. YorkWu1025

    Russian Protected Cruiser Oleg

    Only 12 knots? The wiki says that she could reach 23 knots.
  2. YorkWu1025

    Chinese Protected Cruiser Chao Ho

    China ordered 3 Chao-ho class cruisers. Chao-ho was built by Armstrong Whitworth, and a second ship, Ying Swei (應瑞, Propitious Promise) was built by Vickers. The third one, Fei-hung (飛鴻, Flying Swan) was ordered to build in New York Shipbuilding, but later sold to Greece since China government had no money to pay for it. They are based on design of HMS Topaze class cruisers. Ying Swei was also sunk by Japanese aircraft earlier. Fei-hung, renamed to Elli by Greek navy, was torpedoed by Italian submarine in 1940. I think this can be Tier 2 cruiser once Chinese ships join the game.
  3. 雖然說官方已經表示不出潛艇, 但我真心希望出 NPC 潛艇, 就在地圖外圍, 在不定時間會朝著邊緣的艦艇發射魚雷, 但是這些魚雷進入戰場就會自爆所以不呆邊界的是安全的
  4. YorkWu1025

    Suggestion For WOWs further development

    I hope there's more fancy harbor. Just like picture above. When a ship is selected, the camera runs near it. But other ships can also be seen in a distance, with less detail so it looks like a fleet.
  5. YorkWu1025


    最後應該只有兩種人還會選Kitakami吧 一種是會用的人, 另一種是有愛的人
  6. YorkWu1025


    如果日本要多加三式彈和紫雲這種專屬裝備, 那美國是不是也可以裝VT信管和雷達射控專屬裝備勒?
  7. YorkWu1025


    如果有国服, 那邊應該會有對應討論區吧?
  8. YorkWu1025


    如果是這樣, 我倒是不會反對, 不過一個花經驗值和錢開發裝備以後幾乎沒有影響的裝備會有多少艦長接受 這是要考慮的問題, 而且你的隊友和命中的敵人也不知道你用這個東西, 連炫燿的價值都沒, 這是要好好考慮的問題。
  9. YorkWu1025


    閣下真正的目的其實不是三式彈, 而是要更好的防空吧? 第一, 這是封測, 所以將來還可能會調整。 第二, 史實三式彈沒有用, 不能違反事實。而且航母本來就這麼變態也是事實。 第三, 現實點的作法是艦隊中加幾艘防空好的船幫你護衛, 甚至是美軍船也OK 第四, 看官方可不可以提供更彈性的改裝組合, 玩家可以選擇犧牲點反艦來換防空... 例如後期的雪風那樣...
  10. Enemy ships are about 30 thousands yards away!

  11. The enemy is found. All hands the general speaks by the loud speaker system. No confusion now. On the table every man is to battle stations. Gun crews to the position of the turrets. To the control tower to determine the range. From magazine below deck to turn tons of powder and projectile. Still we don't see the black fleet, and mostly we will never see.

  12. 違反保密條款內容,初次警告。下次再犯我們將會封鎖帳號 -hoha5432
  13. 當然是... 個人會先玩此版比較不熱門的米國艦先上囉!