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    Challenge? They said it can't be done? Welp, challenge accepted!

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  1. KotS VI Asia Announcement

    This should be fun ;)
  2. Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    Good to know
  3. Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    I'm a sad boy, i want my shipssss
  4. Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    Bruh, i'm in lost for words :(
  5. Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    Nah dude, it's their job to fulfill player requests
  6. Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    Yeh, same thing happened to me
  7. Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    Have you received yours yet?
  8. Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    Where are my Tier 3 4 5 BBs? I just logged in and it said "ship removal"???? And i losses all 3 of my blueprints???
  9. fix for WOWS launcher

    how tho?
  10. fix for WOWS launcher

    Nice freaking job Wargaming! WGCenter is a mess, a hot freaking mess. Improving players comfort you say? Improve my ass, you just made it a whole lot worse. WG is on a downhill, after the SirFoch incident and iChase's recently, i don't know if they can manage to pull themselves out of the shit show they've created
  11. Atago is tanky, i know that. And maneuverable aswell.
  12. BS, the mission requires tier 9+ ;)
  13. I did it in 1 battle. Literally the first battle i play.