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  1. its a sad day for gremy owners.
  2. This rooster flag is facing backward on the ship. isn't it supposed to be facing forward like in the description?
  3. Szabla

    Sims is totally underpowered

    yes, sims underpowered, I would happy if they buff sims
  4. Szabla

    I got 1612 doubloons for no reason?

    ​Then must be the shipmas contest, Thanks
  5. Szabla

    Why people kept ranting about RDF/RL?

    Why RPF is broken? please check out this video. Now if this is a MOD, it would be illegal. I don't know why WG doing this.
  6. Szabla

    I got 1612 doubloons for no reason?

    I forgot... can I have the link please?
  7. Szabla

    Perth - Singapore cable cut again

    huh? why am I still getting 145ms to server from perth UPDATE: my ping just went back to normal today. Finally US DD is playable again.
  8. Hi guys, I just logged into game and realised I got 1612 doubloons income for no reason. I did play some games in PTS. Is there any event I didn't know about WG giving out these free doubloons?
  9. I have checked the Ognevoi Shell's travel time of 10km is 6.23s in Public Test server patch 0.6.0. However, It is actually faster in current live server patch which is 5.72s. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
  10. Szabla

    Why so less ships in premium shop?

    they are in tech tree
  11. Szabla


  12. is this a troll thread? I play a lot of Anshan games and dream to have gremy. base on the average damage output last 2 weeks, gremy is above T8 DD level, all because of those reasons which people listed above. https://asia.warships.today/vehicles
  13. Szabla

    Belfast Smoke onto U Key

    work as intended, its the balanced™ ​Belfast's only weakness lol.
  14. Szabla

    What's your go-to ship?

    Sims, my best perform ship. and I don't know why, because I didn't do much damage.