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  1. SepTsama

    Losing credits at higher tiers

    I will name 3 ship for that: hosho, minekaze and Cleveland. Minekaze get a big nerf but dont mind that, less scary but still dangerous.
  2. SepTsama

    Curse of the German Navy

    Just remind you that Tirpitz is German ship as well and I can say that thing is not affected by any curse.
  3. SepTsama

    Next update IJN CVs will be OP... Again

    IJN CV is OP ... ok, this is the solution.
  4. SepTsama

    Aim Bot cheat

    My experience using aimbot since alpha test allow me to say this: you can't shoot a zig zagging destroyer just by using aim bot, it take skill to do that. Maybe you should check for your opponent's profile, he could be a unicum ... like Drunken Sailor.
  5. SepTsama

    How to play the New Orleans

    Compare to the Mogami, New Orlean (NO for short) is not a big threat and it usually is underestimated. But not as bad as the "pepsi-cola", NO HE shell deal better damage and it's best that you research and buy the 2nd gun module because the road to baltimore is hard and full of terror . Stick with what USN CA do the best: AA support, just escort big BB around and support them with AP and fire (try to burn enemy ships). BTW, AP of NO is best used at 8km range, the angle is good enough for the shell to penetrate and hit citadel, speaking with my own experience.
  6. SepTsama

    Test Drive Event

    Rumor is rumor unless we receive some official statement on the website.
  7. SepTsama

    Win rate

    The average damage is increasing when you go to higher tier ship so using this stat to judge how well a player can be is bad idea. Average experience is the best type of stat to judge a player because this number is not affected much by other elements. But if I want high average experience, I only need to play DD, just 1 higher tier ship kill in a battle can easily grant you more than 1k5 exp.
  8. SepTsama

    Ranked battles - the MOST stupid thing on WoW

    Tirpitz is Lowe, not atago because they are both heavy, slow firing rate. Atago is like FCM50t, thin, easy to be hit and they are fast.
  9. SepTsama

    0.5.0 Match Maker changes

    At least you don't get killed by a CV
  10. MM will be fixed tomorrow, not today.
  11. SepTsama

    There is this kind of player

    WOWS TK penalty system is better than WOT but they lack the end point. In WOT, you will be ban for days after killing someone but no protection mechanic to protect for those who are being damaged. But after all, WOWS is still in its beta phrase. Let's hope for the best at this Sept-17.
  12. SepTsama

    Frustrated with Wargaming

    I prefer a salvo of AP, quick and less pain.
  13. SepTsama

    Two Brothers channel run.

    They rush at a wrong time, that's all. I have a match they break though the channel like that when our team is completely separated. It's not pretty at all when that happen, 1 flank of ours is completely destroyed within minute.
  14. Ehm ... you can DIE but fight is questionable .