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  1. Commander_Dusty

    RM Andrea Doria

    Italians had some of the most beautiful ships during WW2, if they had radar and AA to match they would have been an absolute menace
  2. Commander_Dusty

    Passive Play

    The best part is getting to the endgame and it's all BB's with full HP Best targets for remaining DD's
  3. Commander_Dusty

    Atlanta Ranked Consumables Dilemma

    So the radar consumable is a given but the dilemma I'm facing for Ranked battles is whether or not its worth taking the AA Defensive fire consumable to protect myself and friendlies from enemy carriers? I normally carry Hydro instead as I want to avoid taking damage from torpedoes and have a backup search system for when radar is on cooldown, Carriers don't always come up in battles, but I feel like they play a decisive factor and anything to hamper their efforts like shooting down more planes and scattering their attacks counts towards ensuring victory? Thoughts?
  4. Commander_Dusty

    To Yorck or not to Yorck?...

    I would agree, seeing how squishy the Hipper is at high tier games, the Hipper has a lot of hype factor to the ship because she was a real ship with a interesting WW2 service record. However the Yorck can probably do everything a Hipper can do a tier lower with much better HE. When I play cruisers AP is highly situational and most higher tier players are smart enough not to give broadsides when possible, while He is useful for many things especially at longer ranges. Yorck's AP is marginal at range, but devastating at short range, coupled with the torpedoes makes a decent close quarters brawler at times, and don't forget about German Hydro!
  5. Commander_Dusty

    Christmas Crates for SEA?

    Thanks found them lol, 1000 Doubloons and Dragon Flags
  6. Commander_Dusty

    Christmas Crates for SEA?

    So for anybody who's seen Flamu and Eurobeats latest videos, WG is selling Christmas Crates filled with goodies, but I can't find them on the our Asia server store, are we just unlucky or did I miss the memo on when to get them?
  7. Commander_Dusty

    Do we love Destroyers?

    DD's = Atlanta chow
  8. Commander_Dusty

    Why would anyone pay for Atlanta?

    Atlanta is a giant middle finger to: BB's when you rain fire down on them from over islands Carriers when they realise they have run out of planes DD's when you ruin their day by destroying all their modules with every hit Cruisers when you get 11 citadels on a single ship (well best I got was 5 but if Eurobeat can do it its possible) All in all a situational ship that is a joy to play and I do wish she had torpedoes with longer range but shes still got her own thing going for her
  9. Commander_Dusty

    What can US tree do that another tree can't do better?

    They get radar which in on par with everyone else, and extra long smoke
  10. Commander_Dusty

    Theorycrafting Royal Navy Destroyer line

    Very well researched and I would say the RN DD's would definitely be a rival to the IJN DD's in terms of torpedo effectiveness, but also with decent guns too. I would think perhaps to compensate for the long ranges the torpedoes would either have less damage, slower speed or longer reloads. The guns on the other hand are more interesting as if I recall they also have a tendency to rainbow, but had a high rate of fire nevertheless like their US counterparts. I don't like the idea of national flavour too much as it makes the ships deviate from their true historical performance and don't care about diversity so long as accurracy is maintain to an extent. The tier 10 candidate is most interesting asyou mentioned the issues with the Daring - 30 knots is extremely slow for a DD despite her modern guns, decent torps and great AA - the only compensation I can think of is ninja camo, extra health/ repair party or even hydro.
  11. Commander_Dusty

    Why do so few Cruiser players use AP ?

    I have to wonder how some people got to tier 10 with such terrible gunnery skills (*Cough* wallet warriors) I just had a game yesterday in my tier 9 Baltimore and faced off broadside against a Moskva - the player was shooting HE the whole time when he had 3/4 chances to switch to AP and 1 shot me - meanwhile I was using AP and citadelled him multiple times. Eurobeat would be dissapointed in such players after he worked so hard on his Moskva guide
  12. Commander_Dusty

    Describing ships with 1-2 sentence(s)

    Atlanta - The Flint's less talented older sister Dunkerque - An oversized Cruiser with Armour Clemson - The Four Piper who do it all Fuso - The Japanese Gunslinger Anshan - From Russia with love Yubari - Kamikaze Fubuki ...Will do her best
  13. Commander_Dusty

    Royal Australian Navy

    Not really fair for the Australians to get their own tech tree when the Canadians deserve the tree more having the 3rd Largest Navy by the end of WW2... Not to mention as the mods said that other navies have yet to be implemented, like the Royal Navy which built the very ships the Aussies and Kiwis used
  14. Commander_Dusty

    If I can afford only one BB....

    Arizona, slow reload and and speed but she is built like a tank and her shell grouping is exceptional, 12 rounds well aimed = citadel heaven
  15. Commander_Dusty

    Dunkerue released

    Can anyone recommend her? I have the Arizona and I love the ship, but considering getting the Dunkerque as the opposite to spice things up with speed and shell spamming instead of armour and tankiness of the Arizona