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  1. Because cheaters deserve to be exposed, named and shamed regardless of servers or regions. No excuse, no compromise, no tolerance. Cheating in a multiplayer game = permaban. Let's see if WG has the balls to follow this through.
  2. CodingSession

    should i report this Taiho? its like bot....

    Hey, at least you got Unsinkable. That is one of the most difficult medals to get. Also, upgrade your PC/laptop. Don't your eyes get hurt looking at that abomination of graphics?
  3. CodingSession

    Battleships: Fire Prevention or Concealment Expert?

    We have totally opposite points of view, very interesting. I have both Concealment Expert and Fire Prevention on all of my BB captains. In fact, all of my captains have CE, no matter the ship. For me, concealment is the single most important thing in this game. I used to take AFT on my BBs, but after the FP buff I replaced it with FP. Reasons: 1. AA radius bonus is kinda wasted now that high tier CVs are rare. Nowadays I only meet CVs in maybe 1 out of 5 games. 2. I never cared about secondaries. 3. The FP buff where it now reduces burnable spots on your BB from 4 to 3. It doesn't sound much on paper, but the effect is very noticeable in actual matches. I feel much less vulnerable to fire ever since that buff.
  4. CodingSession

    I have achieved the unachieveable

    Ouch, and I thought my Chapayev has the worst luck. One win in 17 games is such an improbable feat, even bots and AFKers have better WR than that. My sympathy to you.
  5. CodingSession

    The IJN Hosho: What is the deal with this girl?

    You must be reading the pre-nerf USN CV threads, because right now almost everyone agrees that IJN CVs are far superior than the USN ones. Perhaps only Langley and Saipan can be considered superior to their IJN counterparts. Now, about strafing. You should always strafe from behind or the side of enemy planes whenever possible. Strafing head-on doesn't do much damage. Hosho has faster fighters than Langley, use that advantage to outmaneuver his fighters to get a better strafe position. Don't get into dogfight except as a last resort, it's too costly in terms of planes. Basically, you should strafe as often as possible. Yes, Air Supremacy is a must for CV captains. You should not worry too much about it, though; its effect is not that significant at low tiers. Anyway, keep grinding IJN CV line. You won't regret it.
  6. CodingSession

    Aimbotters, Matchmaking and ticket response

    Stop accusing people of hacking, most likely they made an educated guess when firing into the smoke. It's not as difficult as you think. Smoke only makes you invisible, not invulnerable. As for MM, well, they shit on everyone equally and there is nothing we can do about it.
  7. I'll stick to arcade. Too much realism in a video game is not fun.
  8. CodingSession

    [unconfirmed] new skill tree?

    8 km. Anyway, it's not a very useful skill in my opinion. I'd rather have my planes go back to the carrier as soon as possible.
  9. CodingSession

    What can US tree do that another tree can't do better?

    I don't know why people keep saying USN BBs are inferior to other BBs. I feel safer driving a USN BB than any other BB. Also, I'm one of the very few people who likes USN CVs more than IJN CVs.
  10. CodingSession

    [unconfirmed] new skill tree?

    Keen Intuition can't be real. This is a new, unprecedented level of hand-holding. WG should stop catering to players with no situational awareness.
  11. CodingSession

    Tier 5 Elimination Thread, SEA edition

    +1 Kongo (ARP): Nimble (for a BB), good range, good guns, decent AA. -3 Omaha: Probably not the ship's fault, but I just can't make it work.
  12. CodingSession

    Well Played MM

    Your division should be able to handle those 2 Fubuki easily. They stand no chance against 3 gunboat DDs.
  13. CodingSession

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Right click on the player's name, then select Profile. I thought this is common knowledge.
  14. CodingSession

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    As expected. What did he mean by this? We can see other players' profiles in-game already.
  15. Truly disgusting, I can't believe they (the Chinese company, not WG) can get away with this bullshit.