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  1. Played 9 battles in morning, ranging from t5-t10. Except one lost match in t5, rest are all wins with two krakens Well tried division this evening, straight lose all matches. other people get more win in divs, and I lose more. I guess its the same with nikolai, supposed to be op yet i enjoy clemson much more.
  2. in the .pkg files under res_packages
  3. thats the fix to get the voice back, WG didnt disable to voice intentionally, i think its more to do with crappy programming on their part.
  4. Saw people on the game's portal complaining about this issue so probably best to put it here 1. Navigate to World_of_warships/res/banks 2. Delete folders 'Language' AND 'OfficialMods' but keep mods.xml 3. Done Why does this work? Simply put, sound files are integrated into those PKG files under a different directory, but the game still thinks the res/banks contained the sound files, in which they don't. And sinces theres no actual sound files under res/banks, game cant use the HSF/ARP voices.
  5. currently browsing for laptop deals I am very confused right now, so far the ones i have my eyes on (the cheaper ones) either have 1050ti 2/4gb, with 16gb of ram, and most have i7 7700. Do any one have similar configurations? does the game run smooth on max settings? or should i spend a bit more and get laptops with 1060?
  6. drakon how do u display chinese charaters while using the english client?
  7. Can someone explain it to me? Is it the server’s problem or the problem at my end?