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  1. I cant seem to find the following mission ingame, happening to anyone else? I have the indianapolis from long ago Combat Mission start at 01/06/2018 @ 14:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 01/06/2018 @ 15:30 end at 25/07/2018 @ 14:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 25/07/2018 @ 15:30 Play a Battle. Reward: 1 container of the "American Cruisers" collection. Available types of battle: Random and Ranked Battles. Ships: VII Indianapolis You can complete the combat mission once. Every 3 days, a new similar mission appears.
  2. Can't connect to server

    same here reeeeeeeeee
  3. Camoflague will destroy this game

    here we see a salty noob BB captain in his natural habitat Not even going to offer you any advice since you are so ignorant
  4. Well it is always my opinions that one decided what they want to spend in a game. But if you are going to spend real money, why not get the most out of it?
  5. Since the free exp event is on and people will be wanting to get doubloons I thought this should help some people in getting the most out of their money. Using data from WG's own site: https://developers.wargaming.net/reference/all/wows/encyclopedia/ships/?application_id=demo&fields=name%2Cprice_gold&language=en&r_realm=na&run=1 Harekaze is 9700, Alabama 12200 and Prinz Eugen is 11000 which makes 32900 doubloons if you already have these ships and then buy the pack again. The three ship pack in the shop is 124.36 AUD as I am typing this. If you buy doubloons directly with 124.36 AUD you can get 24614 doubloons. 24614/32900~0.75. This essentially means you get a 25% discount on doubloons. Besides, the three ship pack gives 3 extra port slots, three 10 point captains and some personal mission. Not a bad deal at all if you want to get some doubloons. Here is prove: i only have 10025 doubloons before and now i have 42925
  6. Geez can't people take a joke now?

    please teach me the ways of making good jokes
  7. First match with Hindenburg, we lost but I still ended up on top of leaderboard still got karma bombed. I haven't said anything the whole match except start of match I said to my Yamato, along the lines of: "People still play Yamato? She sunk today you know?" Man its fine if you dont get my bad joke but report me for this trivial thing rather than the poor play of some of my teammates who got deleted early on and trash talked the whole match? Edit:Also this ship is a goddamn riot. very fun to play worth it to get her 10/10
  8. Played 9 battles in morning, ranging from t5-t10. Except one lost match in t5, rest are all wins with two krakens Well tried division this evening, straight lose all matches. other people get more win in divs, and I lose more. I guess its the same with nikolai, supposed to be op yet i enjoy clemson much more.
  9. in the .pkg files under res_packages
  10. thats the fix to get the voice back, WG didnt disable to voice intentionally, i think its more to do with crappy programming on their part.
  11. Saw people on the game's portal complaining about this issue so probably best to put it here 1. Navigate to World_of_warships/res/banks 2. Delete folders 'Language' AND 'OfficialMods' but keep mods.xml 3. Done Why does this work? Simply put, sound files are integrated into those PKG files under a different directory, but the game still thinks the res/banks contained the sound files, in which they don't. And sinces theres no actual sound files under res/banks, game cant use the HSF/ARP voices.