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  1. I get it, people always like to post if they get lucky. But you really should know that for every 1 post of someone getting something, 9 people doesn't. Just a simple reminder that it is lootboxes after all and it's not a guaranteed good deal.
  2. H_Doujinshi

    Will the premium shop be updated today??????

    mate ur the best thanks
  3. I need to get premium CVs to complete my ship collection reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weegee plz gib reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. H_Doujinshi

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    same question here, i applied with the name IJN_Harugumo and now changed to this.
  5. H_Doujinshi

    I wonder if this becomes a trend...

    i see XD we should totally hang out with other adelaide based players sometime and maybe play wows together 😕 kinda boring playing only by myself. dont have any friend around me who even knows wows
  6. Personally as a Chinese I can't say I liked them at all...feels like a waste of doubloons save for that tier 8 premium at least WG's cultural appropriation game is on point?
  7. H_Doujinshi

    I wonder if this becomes a trend...

    well i guess i am horribly out of touch with the community then. I only knew a fellow ST from adelaide
  8. H_Doujinshi

    I wonder if this becomes a trend...

    wait a sec, sorry for off topic but are you a new mod or did you change your username? I don't remember we had a mod from adelaide
  9. H_Doujinshi

    Gunboat asashio works: change my mind

    Honestly, my current build doesnt have any gun build related skills on. This build however should prove sufficient for some very basic gunboating http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000100001010011000000000119
  10. I played through the ship lines that I enjoyed. Now I am moving onto ship lines that I didnt enjoy as much and can not find a good playstle/mind set to play them
  11. For example, the Minsk, it just feels like a terrible ship because Leningrad exists, and I need to get 2 god damn tier 8s from this ship, which is a whole of 214k exp. Im at 28k and already tired of this ship Dont tell me about free exp, I just spend a whole lot skipping US cruiser/BB lines so I have no more money to spend for now :( Currently have 210 ships so still need at least 40 ship for the collectors club :(