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  1. While the second player's account is private Im sure Wargaming can look into his stats and see if he is botting or not.
  2. Just as I finished all the t10-t7 ships, I logged on today only to find the bonus symbol gone from all ships. I thought it ends tommrow? Edit: Looking through the event page, Under the section: SYMBOLS OF FRANCE (which is the name of the bonus event), it only says: So while it doesn't clarify the exact end date, it does word it like as if it will last the whole 0.8.6 patch. However, if you scroll down into the next section about the directive event it says: However, since it's under a completely different section and specifically says that it's for the directives. One would assume that the dates is only for the directives. While the Symbols of France follows completely different schecule. It turns out that is not the case, as the symbols of france event ended as well.
  3. detonate_me_daddy

    Just got the Kremlin, do you any tips for this Soviet T10 beast?

    so except for no.3 all the others are just general tips for BBs no?
  4. Kinda wanna move, I mean there's nothing wrong with the clan im in right now but not only did I forgot my QQ account again and I can't be arsed to recover the password, I want to get in a clan that I can actually play clan battles in & uses discord preferbly & around same time zone as well so I can actually division up and have some fun.
  5. I get it, people always like to post if they get lucky. But you really should know that for every 1 post of someone getting something, 9 people doesn't. Just a simple reminder that it is lootboxes after all and it's not a guaranteed good deal.
  6. detonate_me_daddy

    Will the premium shop be updated today??????

    mate ur the best thanks
  7. I need to get premium CVs to complete my ship collection reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weegee plz gib reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. detonate_me_daddy

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    same question here, i applied with the name IJN_Harugumo and now changed to this.
  9. detonate_me_daddy

    I wonder if this becomes a trend...

    i see XD we should totally hang out with other adelaide based players sometime and maybe play wows together 😕 kinda boring playing only by myself. dont have any friend around me who even knows wows
  10. Personally as a Chinese I can't say I liked them at all...feels like a waste of doubloons save for that tier 8 premium at least WG's cultural appropriation game is on point?
  11. detonate_me_daddy

    I wonder if this becomes a trend...

    well i guess i am horribly out of touch with the community then. I only knew a fellow ST from adelaide
  12. lolibotes>papershipfite me
  13. detonate_me_daddy

    I wonder if this becomes a trend...

    wait a sec, sorry for off topic but are you a new mod or did you change your username? I don't remember we had a mod from adelaide