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  1. Per title. Accidently bought some fun n engaging TM crates while logged into the asia portal, however my WoWs asia account is locked since I transferred to NA. its been 4 days and support have given me any sort of reply. Is it just WG's CS being overwhelmed with tickets or is my request being ignored since my account is locked? Would really appreciate if a mod can look into the status of my ticket and tell me if its just not processed yet or its being actively ignored due to my account status. Ticket ID: 128260985.
  2. So, Asia server loyalists, mind explaining why you are risking your sanity and enjoyment playing on a server that doesn't care about it's players? That in order to get stuff done/fixed, you literally need to get in contact with WG EU/CIS employees on Reddit to get message across to WG asia? I transferred to NA, got CS tickets resolved in hours, got better ping than Asia, got an actually good coupon, and got hardly any CV games. What's there not to like? https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/e86915/massive_asia_server_transfer_delayno_updates_from/ https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/d30g9u/the_top_3_players_in_the_hall_of_frame_on_asia/ In just the last two months, with two incidents, both times WG asia did nothing until I raised the issue with WG staff on reddit. This isn't normal. Both EU and NA have good communication with its players with staff actively participating in the forums, why not us? in our forum? They don't clearly care about us, and somehow some of you lot are still defending them. Nuts.
  3. detonate_me_daddy

    Can we get an update on tranfers?

    Yep same here. I dont care anymore, just get me out of here is all I ask.
  4. detonate_me_daddy

    Can we get an update on tranfers?

    which is why im transferring to NA. Their customer service is much faster and understanding (I had requested to change my email on my NA alt acc to a different one than my current asia login so I wont have to create a new one for NA.) it's over and done within an hour. No hassle. With Asia it usually takes days for a simple CS interaction. The WG asia staff seems to never ever interact with the playerbase (my only interaction with WG stuff is on reddit which is with NA adn EU devs) and the mods, well, i guess you cant blame them because as far as I understand they are not official wg employees and have no say in any matter unless WG asia gives them the go ahead. Given asia is the only server with a transfer delay, I guess there is a large amount of people moving. I'm sorry WGAsia, you brought it on yourselves with your imcompetence. Even the WoT division seems to be doing much better (and interactive) with their forum community than whatever on earth the WoWs division is doing.
  5. While the second player's account is private Im sure Wargaming can look into his stats and see if he is botting or not.
  6. Just as I finished all the t10-t7 ships, I logged on today only to find the bonus symbol gone from all ships. I thought it ends tommrow? Edit: Looking through the event page, Under the section: SYMBOLS OF FRANCE (which is the name of the bonus event), it only says: So while it doesn't clarify the exact end date, it does word it like as if it will last the whole 0.8.6 patch. However, if you scroll down into the next section about the directive event it says: However, since it's under a completely different section and specifically says that it's for the directives. One would assume that the dates is only for the directives. While the Symbols of France follows completely different schecule. It turns out that is not the case, as the symbols of france event ended as well.
  7. detonate_me_daddy

    Just got the Kremlin, do you any tips for this Soviet T10 beast?

    so except for no.3 all the others are just general tips for BBs no?
  8. Kinda wanna move, I mean there's nothing wrong with the clan im in right now but not only did I forgot my QQ account again and I can't be arsed to recover the password, I want to get in a clan that I can actually play clan battles in & uses discord preferbly & around same time zone as well so I can actually division up and have some fun.
  9. I get it, people always like to post if they get lucky. But you really should know that for every 1 post of someone getting something, 9 people doesn't. Just a simple reminder that it is lootboxes after all and it's not a guaranteed good deal.
  10. detonate_me_daddy

    Will the premium shop be updated today??????

    mate ur the best thanks
  11. I need to get premium CVs to complete my ship collection reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weegee plz gib reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. detonate_me_daddy

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    same question here, i applied with the name IJN_Harugumo and now changed to this.
  13. detonate_me_daddy

    I wonder if this becomes a trend...

    i see XD we should totally hang out with other adelaide based players sometime and maybe play wows together 😕 kinda boring playing only by myself. dont have any friend around me who even knows wows