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  1. Falkirion001

    DD's in General are Broken

    Main armament on DD's get a 3.8km ish penalty when being fired. DD standard detection range (eg. 6kms) goes out to 9.8kms in this case. Smoke and concealment skills on the cap will bring that down potentially to the point where a DD can just fire away and be invisible outright. Yeah a DD can sit in smoke and fire away, but smoke only lasts what? 1 minute? 90 seconds? Just reverse course instead of sailing in towards it. Vary your speed, and swing the ship from side to side, throw his aim off. Though the one thing I do agree with you on is the torp arming distance in DD's, it should be pushed out a little further to be similar to the air dropped ones. Air dropped torp arming time is fine, if you're any good you're already trying to turn in towards the aircraft anyway.
  2. Falkirion001

    Buffalo, USN Tier 10 CA

  3. Falkirion001


    Tirpz is on sale in the EU store. Can't imagine NA and Asia could be more than a few weeks away
  4. Falkirion001

    Why does everybody love C cap so much?

    Just about covers it! So easy for DD's to run rampant through the north and center of the map when this happens!
  5. Falkirion001

    Open Beta Release

    Asia won't be that far behind, maybe a few weeks at most
  6. Falkirion001

    Aircraft Carrier Issue

    Don't see why DD caps keep complaining about this. The DD is more than manueverable enough to dodge torps if you turn towards them or away from them and cut/increase speed as needed. If you're not watching the skies when torp/dive bombers are in the area you're doing it wrong.
  7. Falkirion001

    Command Rank Structure

    Oldbloke I think this is what you're after. Imperial Japanese navy ranks during WW2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_ranks_of_the_Japanese_Empire_during_World_War_II Assume US is still running the same rank structure from WW2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Navy_officer_rank_insignia
  8. Falkirion001

    [The Epic Battle] Weekly Highlights:In The Mist

    Bahaha that Fuso, how did he not see you? Feels so good when you get get away with that!
  9. Falkirion001

    Clash of the Naval Titans

    DD's I'm split. I'm having equal amounts of fun in the US and IJN DD's. Cruisers, well stuck on the horrible IJN T5 Furutaka one atm, gun reload/traverse time is way too long (Seriously 2.3 rounds a minute, at T5?) but maybe I need to adjust my playstyle accordingly. BB's, haven't progressed past T5 on either nation. Like both the USS NY, and the Kongo though for different reasons. And I don't touch CV's. I'm just not interested in them at all.
  10. Falkirion001

    Gunnery and Experience Q

    It's not just when a ship is "Elite", I've had ships that aren't elites letting me convert whatever xp I had left on them into free xp. Also free xp is generated at 5% of your total xp per random battle.
  11. Falkirion001

    Russain and RN ships

    From what I've heard Russia are the next nation to get their naval tree fleshed out and into the game. Was mentioned in this weeks Mingles with Jingles posted last night. I'm assuming the info is more legit than what we'll hear, SEA seems to be an afterthought for WG sometimes
  12. Falkirion001

    wtf torps?

    No torps/DD's don't need a nerf. You need better skills. If you see smoke or suspect there's a DD in the area slow down and turn towards the smoke. Make it more difficult for a DD driver to hit you. If you see torp bombers, turn towards them too, don't just go in a straight line and assume your armour is going to save you.
  13. Falkirion001

    whats everyone win rate

    43%, mostly due to my horrible decision and/or team not doing what they should. But don't care. As long as I enjoy the game why should my WR matter?
  14. Falkirion001

    Who do you target first

    I'm mainly a DD cap, honestly my first target is to get spotting done for our team depending on which flank I'm headed for. Then its whatever happens to be on its own without the support of a larger force, so usually scouting DD's, and once they're down, any CA or BB that happens to come anywhere near me, so long as I can get my torps into the water as a US DD I'm gonna try to sink you!
  15. You only ever do that once as a DD/CA cap, then you learn real fast that checking the position of friendly forces before firing is a good idea. From the way the patch preview article is worded, it seems to me that WG are blanketing even unintentinal TKs with this. Someone else would have to confirm though