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  1. When i was uprade to ver 8.3.1, the graphic API in setting lock to dx11 and i cant change back to dx9 anymore. It lead to huge amount of fps drop( From 60 to 20). I know the enhance graphic is necessary but i still use ancien laptop and cant replace it for now. I had already change information in "preferences" file to force the game run in dx9 but not worked. Have anyone know to resolve it plz let me know, thank you!
  2. My accout got some error very strange : 1. I had join a division but when a battle ended, i cant leave .The divison window not exists but somehow i still stuck there 2.I cant invite anyone and nobody can invited me ( because i cant leave"ghost" divison) 3. I cant start a battle, the screen appear a logo in circle and spinning like normal but not login in battle screen, it stuck in port screen. in few minute, the logo disappear and not thing happened I had tries to login again, and restart game, also disconect to server but nothing change, i try to loggin with another accout and everything normal.Maybe something wrong happend with my accout. If anyone got same error plz let me know. And WG fix this Plz :((