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  1. W I completed all the missions but the tier 9 Pan Asian DD Chung Mu wasn't credited into my account. I cannot give a feedback on it when I was asked on the WoWS feedback/survey........
  2. nicsimjohn

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback

    In my opinion, the changes towards the DD's Defensive AA is quite minor. Compared to the current way it works, it still performs normally so not much of a difference. I had to use the training room to test the AAs as apparently there are no players playing CVs on the Public Test server. 14 seconds on RN light cruisers smoke generator did work as planned. Can't wait to test at least one of the upcoming premium ships/new tech tree branch if it hits the public test servers.
  3. nicsimjohn


    MajorRage, I am Nichol Shim, you replied to my comment in your YouTube Shipmas GiveAway video. My IGN is nicsimjohn. I wish all the best in your future encounter. Good Luck and Fair Seas once again 7