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  1. SanguinusXII

    Star Loss in Ranked

    So I was playing ranked just now and i lost 2 stars from 2 matches despite taking the top spot on my team for one of them. Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me?
  2. SanguinusXII

    Montana vs Yamato

    I think this here is one of my biggest problems, I felt that it was atleast partially my responsibility to engage the enemy Tier 10 BBs, guess that notion of an outside view is true after all,
  3. SanguinusXII

    Montana vs Yamato

    I don't know if I'm just crap at BBs but I have real trouble dealing with Yamatos in the Montana, even more then i had in the Iowa. So I've had enough of bashing my head against the wall so I figured I would ask for others opinions before the salt content in my body eclipses water. I try to sneak up on them when possible but the opportunities to do so are rare due to Monty's speed and concealment and the only way I've had any luck with when dealing with a bow on Yamato is to approach at an angle to try and mitigate the dreaded bow citadels (coughbalancedcough) and attempt to citadel them through that sweet spot where the citadel armor is flat through the side of the bow underneath the front two turrets, this usually costs me a very large chunk of my HP and is near impossible to pull off against a competent captain or a Yamato with escorts because you end up burning to death or with torpedos shoved where they really don't belong. TLDR: How do you all deal with Yamatos in your Montana. Thanks in advance EDIT: To clarify; I love the Montana and the issues I'm having are infinitely more likely to be captain error rather than her. I don't want anyone to think I'm bashing the ship. Thanks again for the advice