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  1. SanguinusXII

    Baltimore - My Game of a Lifetime

    Haha she did try
  2. Firstly, sorry for the weeb mods but I like em. I have NO idea how the hell i lived through this... That said I know it isnt really a fair one as i know the bama was afk and im pretty sure something was up with one of the fuso aswell, but i reckon i have that CV a bad day. 20200305_203156_PASC108-Baltimore-1944_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  3. SanguinusXII

    What am I doing wrong?

    Haha, I have nothing but respect for the Lion, but I prefer red to green.
  4. SanguinusXII

    What am I doing wrong?

    I don't know why but even though I see people border hug in almost every game, it never seems to occur to me to check there when ships are missing from a flanks for some reason. I need to put a sticky note on my screen or something.
  5. SanguinusXII

    What am I doing wrong?

    Funny you should mention that... I was just starting to look when the NC and I blundered into her sending me into a MASSIVE panic, bad choice on the NCs part or not he saved my ass. I wish the replay would show the map fully though, would love to know how that shima got where she did without being seen
  6. SanguinusXII

    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm sorry you feel that way. The only interest i have on these forums is either improving my gameplay or reporting possible bugs. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. SanguinusXII

    What am I doing wrong?

    Haha, I appreciate the complement but for every game like that i have like 5 more where I am absolutely terrible, honestly I am WAY better using the rework CVs then I ever was in the 5-10 pre-rework CVs i played, just could never get the hang on manual drops had was a great deal less patient then I am now.
  8. SanguinusXII

    What am I doing wrong?

    Honestly, I probably should have put that one in a new thread now I think about it. That aside if you bothered to actually read the OP and the discussion after it, you would know that I was asking for advice because i believed I was playing wrong NOT that the ship is underpowered. If my being proud and wanting to show my improvement to those who helped me offends you that isn't my problem.
  9. SanguinusXII

    What am I doing wrong?

    This one went better then the last one... their shima was sneaky asf though, got to within 7km without me knowing. 20190311_101113_PASA110-Midway_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  10. SanguinusXII

    What am I doing wrong?

    I am guilty of no.3, though usually when I'm doing that its because everything else is clumped up, figured it would be better to damage something and maybe shove that one loner back into his spawn or sink him while i wait for others to spread out. Ofc sometimes one does get tunnel vision on that one target... usually Musashi for me. EDIT: I can't spell EDIT2: Can't count either it seems.
  11. SanguinusXII

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks all for your thoughts, @Thyaliad you went above and beyond there, really appreciate it. I was focusing a lot on how much damage/kills i have been getting as opposed to the utility CVs bring to the fight. Now that I know what I can do to improve losing is much more bearable ...And for the bloke who was eyeing the Die Hard, that was on the enemy lexi, went around an island and suddenly there's another CV trying to banzai me. It's strange I've gotten 2 Die Hard medals on my Midway in this last week, this one and another on a cheeky shima who missed me with all his torps and didn't realise how ramming damage works. Thanks again all. Sail dangerously.
  12. SanguinusXII

    What am I doing wrong?

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do enough to consistently win in my Midway... This was, statistically speaking, my best game with her, but no matter how well I do it feels like i always lose. Figured i'd throw it here and maybe somebody will tell me what I'm doing wrong. 20190307_212113_PASA110-Midway_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  13. So this new hot"fix" is causing me issues and half of them are probably just me being crap but I want to see what others think of it. I started playing Midway once the rework hit and did somewhat decently imo until the hotfix. Now every time i launch a strike i lose every single plane from the attack and several from the squadron itself on the way in or out on any target that isnt a DD. Because Midways range on everything is trash you cant drop long like the Haku so I am ending up running with very small squads no matter how hard i try. Is there some trick to keeping planes alive now while still remaining effective or are USN CVs just a chore to play now?
  14. SanguinusXII

    So This Happened

    Normally when I do something colossally stupid in WOWS it goes horribly wrong... but sometimes it all works out. Turns out RUSH B can actually work. The last image is from another game but it was too funny not to post 20181201_111806_PFSC110-Henri-IV_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  15. SanguinusXII

    Star Loss in Ranked

    So I was playing ranked just now and i lost 2 stars from 2 matches despite taking the top spot on my team for one of them. Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me?