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  1. I think he is saying that he's unable to see Chinese and Korean characters in game chat but Thai characters are able to show up when he's using the English client
  2. BabySofy

    Good Idea To Have 2 CV In A Division?

    A skilled CV player are able to rekt the team in the pub if the opponent CVs is not co-operative. 2 co-operative CV players in the pub are able to First Blood almost anything on the first encounter Now, 2 seasoned platoon CV players are here, and they are going to sink your teammate every time they strike They will rekt your team in the air and on the sea, with no sweat. Soon you'll find the forum is filled with "CVs are ruining your gaming experience" threads
  3. BabySofy

    cv torpedo op plz fix this

    How about brush up map sense and learn how to evade incoming torpedo bombers instead?
  4. BabySofy

    Division with CVs disabled?

    hmm, i guess its still beta(open) now... let's see the statistic then discuss should this rules be gone or remain? anyway, after a day of playing CV, less than 10% of the players opt to "dodge" when my torpedo bombers approach them... P.S i was a little upset when i can't play CV with my friends in the division, pls ignore my raging comments up there
  5. The "no 2 or more CV in a division" rule still apply. I understand that during Alpha and Closed Beta phase it has to be implement because the lack of players to balance the match making. Now, it is Open Beta phase and we have over 20k players active, and we have many players are playing CV now. Shouldn't this rule be gone? For the whining/flaming/raging newbs and the devs: Extra:
  6. BabySofy

    Why does everybody love C cap so much?

    A for alone (either ally or enemy) B for bashing (cross-fired from everywhere) C for chaos (planes over the sky, incoming/outgoing rounds, fishes everywhere, AA gun spraying like a boss) Where's D? I had a dream, but not anymore
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    剛看信箱收到了. 申請已送出, 我比較在意論壇帳號什麼時候可以從Member變成Alpha Tester (被打)