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  1. If you have check out the video, you will find that 5760 * 1080 can see much wider than the normal 1080P. It is way cool to find out enemy, trops and teamates. Also, there are many players having multi monitors to maximized the gaming experience. just google "world of warships eyefinity" you will find nearly 10 thousands threads out there.
  2. My computer config is 3 1080p monitor and merged into a single liked monitor by using AMD Eyefinity. It is able to play WOWS in 5760x1080 before 0.5.5, by mod to preference.xml. But its failed to login to server after update to the version 0.5.5. because of crash the game setting and may not get the login server, as screen capture follow. Is there any method to support the 5760x1080 resolution again? Here is the 5760x1080 game play before 0.5.5
  3. nsyxavier

    Crash On AMD Eyefinity

    I have just linked 3 monitor with AMD Eyefinity and I face these problems: Ships and Ports were flattened Display Options were empty Is there any solutions? Here's the hardware details and the screen capture
  4. I have always disconneted to server after finished the game. And also i may not review my battle result. this problem was occurred from 0.4.x until now. the screen capture as follow.
  5. nsyxavier

    Flag No Effect: Equal Speed Charlie London

    Sorry, i havent snapshot the screen with that two result. But I am pretty sure that it show x1.5 at the exp column. Besides, I have just tried today again. It seems working fine and giving x2 exp.
  6. I have played 2 match just with flag Equal Speed Charlie London. No extra 1.5x exp after finish with daily win.