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  1. james4b

    0.5.3 really soon

    should i start CVs salty thread?
  2. james4b

    0.5.3 really soon

    what you have to do is change your play style , your job is protect your BBs and CV while give an advantage when DDs in your team are fighting with enemy DDs. time's changed bro, no more Firestorm from no where and outrange some BB since CA was intend to lose to BBs (work as intended) what you said just remind me about DDs prob that you can't hunt BB since CA is everywhere without fear. ( not mentioned to CV's fighter parking since they are nearly extinction from over nerf)
  3. james4b

    why people like to team killing?

    same reason with why you guy trolling people.
  4. james4b

    Hakuryu Vs. Midway (USN VS IJN CVs)

    I'd say that if you wanna have fun at high tier and got punish at low-mid tier pick USN or if you want something that reverse from the first one pick IJN. that's it
  5. james4b

    This game used to be a more fun than this

    honestly i don't have any goal since it hard to make a friend , actually i used to grinding for hakuryu but after i got her , that's it. Now it's time for punishment, High-tier economic(X for me), toxic and boxes in da chat, completely broken carrier balance(IMO) ,last not least Waiting time for MM....
  6. james4b

    This game used to be a more fun than this

    it's normal as you said but what i worry about is what keep us playing this game (no community[clan,play as a team or even make a friend],no competition). Many things are more punishment than fun.
  7. james4b

    This game used to be a more fun than this

    i might be over aggregating as you said , then it just a little bit different which doesn't bring a fun as this thread stand for.
  8. james4b

    This game used to be a more fun than this

    then ppl start to ask for setup guide and balance gone worst , Ex. i put all da crew to yamata armament then i got machine gun with bullet that weight as a car
  9. Ariake not gonna be OP since we all know about DD's salty......... #That balance tho
  10. james4b

    Independance a waste of time

    Indy need a bit more player 's game understanding than IJN and I must admit that i would pick hiryu instead of indy but lady Lex ,Essex and Midways is another story. #That balance tho DD is a a suffer for tier VI and go on ,nuf said and please don't bring me DD's salty. It hurt my feeling and again #That balance tho
  11. james4b

    CV roles

    no it not , it just used to be like you said before Dev messing with their characteristic and only 2 things remain are IJN fighter is still a paper for USN fighter and that balance tho.
  12. james4b

    Throwing all logic out the window

    I demand an answer to why my DD can't carry an guided missile armament, Starcraft's Yamato cannon and nuclear warhead torpedo....
  13. james4b

    custom ship, is it possible?

    this game have a long road ahead , If this game still exist just kidding.
  14. james4b

    Firing guns on Iowa and Yamato

    imagin that you have to put something weight as a car into a very slope tube and try to close it.