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  1. DezzieDC

    I just don't get it

    With the second picture I have often done that in my CA - but only against another CA or DD. Solely because I have been in games where leaving an enemy ship lurking out the back has been the downfall of the team. If you don't chase them down and take them out or at least leave them with enough health to be taken out by a single salvo from any ship, then it can create problems. Especially since so many people don't seem to pay attention to the minimap.
  2. DezzieDC

    What is with everybody.

    I'm an average player at best but even I can monitor the map and make decisions on what the team should be doing and what they shouldn't be doing. I've had 5 or 6 team members held up by 2 enemy on one side of the map while the rest of the team struggle against the majority of the enemy. Or I've had a team focus on one side of the map, fail to take the cap that they were heading for (foiled by a much smaller percentage of enemy ships) and then get flanked by the remaining enemy and destroyed. Unfortunately I am not a good enough player to carry the team so although I can see what's happening, I really can't take the action I need to to be able to turn it in our favour (especially when I head to one part of the map with 3 other ships only to be deserted once they see one or 2 enemy). With teams like that is it any wonder you become more defensive and sit up the back or hide behind islands? It definitely seems to be happening more and more. Part of what could be contributing to this sort of play is the power creep and the inability (or rather lack of knowledge) to counter some of the newer ships. Ships like the Atlanta, Belfast, Fiji and Shchors make it a mental challenge given their ROF and propensity to cause fires. They hide in the smoke or behind islands and just spam rounds forcing the smaller ships to stay at bay. I've also noticed that generally, if you have good DDs on your team, you will win. They often dictate the game and will give you an advantage and more often than not the team will follow a good DD player.
  3. DezzieDC

    People who take forever to load into the battle.

    ​Ah see now this makes sense. On my old PC I never had a problem loading in - may be a little late but often make it either just before the count down finished or just after. Then suddenly I was last to load in every time. And it would take ages - often causing a game crash - I could start the game, get up, go and make a sandwich, get a drink, stop to watch a bit of TV on the way back and then sit down before the game had started. I also noticed that if it was a map I hadn't played that day yet, it would take forever. And next time would load faster but still very slow. Even on low settings across the board. So I bought a new PC with 3 drives - 2xSSD and one SATA. Now I load up on high and ultra high settings with 25-30 seconds left on the count down every time. It's like a whole new game. I never complain about those guys that load up late cause I've been there and I know what it's like. It's frustrating when you love playing a game but your hardware struggles.
  4. DezzieDC

    Player Stats

    ​So does a circle with a line through it on the battles and victories indicate it's set to private?
  5. DezzieDC

    Player Stats

    Are you able to check other player stats?
  6. DezzieDC

    Belfast on sale again

    It's so OP. The smoke screen along with the ROF alone make it a spamming god. It's sister ship the Fiji is exactly the same.
  7. DezzieDC

    "convenient" meat shields

    It's pretty much team play across the board. I've seen some amazing things these last few days. Smoke screens, DD's supporting and pulling victory from the jaws of defeat. It's definitely improving. I have seen some pretty stupid stuff though - and i'm not immune from doing that after 10 or so straight losses. What I would like to see more though is support for the carriers. I try to get back and support when there is danger, but rarely do you see anyone helping out in those situations.
  8. DezzieDC

    How Do You Know You Got Pink Name/Symbol/Status?

    ​thanks for this. Had a situation yesterday where I noticed a pink player in our team. He/she basically abused people in chat the whole game and was being a real [Removed] to me towards the end. would have been handy to record the game and send it through for them to review. Profanity. Content removed. Please be aware profanity is not allowed in the forums. ~Elite911.
  9. DezzieDC

    Most noob-friendly ship class?

    Well I'm heading down the US BB line and the German Cruiser line. TBH, I am finding both pretty good fun - especially the German cruisers. At least early on they are more light cruisers but with some reasonable gun power - only at t5 at the moment so not sure what they are like as I get into the 2nd half of the tree. I wish it would show what my win rate in each ship was cause I am confident the Konigsberg would be 75%+. Love that ship. It's a keeper. The US BB line is pretty forgiving as well. Slow and susceptible to torps, but can take a bit and they dish out some great damage. As Crimson said, ppl go off cause some of the citadel shots can pretty much 1 shot cruisers and DDs if you get a good hit on them. They aren't too shabby on the opposition BBs as well. Read the wiki as they often give some good hints on how to play each ship (like the New Mexico going head on to reduce damage). Edit: Just noticed that more detail on individual ships is available on the website - only played 20 games on the Konigsberg but have won 16 of them.