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  1. CrossHares

    3rd Nation of ships

    'What do the Russians have to offer?' - This was my original, mocking question when I heard the news. Then I thought about it a bit more and it turned from mocking rhetoric into an actual question. You see, I don't actually know that much about the Imperial Russian or Soviet Navies from 1905 to the 1950s. In fact, let me show you what I mean by putting down the internal narrative I have about the two Navies: "The Russian Navy was alright I guess. Then they suffered a crippling and humiliating defeat at the Battle of the Tsushima Strait and had to rebuild. During the First World War, they mostly stuck around the Black Sea. It turned into the Soviet Navy around about 1918, although most of the personnel had fled or been killed by revolutionaries. It then sat around in a semi-decayed state for the interwar years, its few competent personnel being picked off by successive purges and was reduced to little more than submarine and MTB actions during WWII. For the most part sailors were used as soldiers and naval guns were used as artillery, though let's not forget that these were desperate times. It wasn't until Nikita Khrushchev that the Soviet Navy become a power in its own right, and I would even contest that it was this ability to project power that made the USSR a superpower until it was eventually dissolved in the early 90s." So as you can see, there are a lot of gaps in my knowledge and understanding of the two Navies - by which I mean I'm totally ignorant. In summary, I know a little bit of 1905, and a lot from the 1950s onwards but close to nothing from in-between and I suspect there are a few people in the same boat (pun not intended, just a happy coincidence). It appears that this is the exact period that WoWs is covering, so after thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion that this could be a very good thing for everyone who has a similar or even slightly better knowledge base. We'll get to see and learn about actual ships from the time, even paper ships have something to teach us about what/how naval architects were thinking. Think about it, an entire period of warships and weapons that might have otherwise been lost to history or passed us by. I for one will look forward to the IRN/SN tech tree for this reason alone.
  2. CrossHares

    3rd Nation of ships

    Oh yeah, forgot about the French - would be interesting. But if memory serves, Britain had 7 carriers at the outbreak of war, whereas the US had either 6 or 9, depending on whether you see WW2 starting in 1939 or 1941 for the US. Britiain actually invented and built the aircraft carrier, so to say that it was behind the 8-ball doesn't quite ring true. As for Germany, Italy, the USSR and others, yeah, they didn't exactly embrace the idea
  3. CrossHares


    Well, the Type XXI U-Boat could move at something like 20+ knots underwater, and most other subs could do that on the surface, diving only to attack. Point taken, no Unterseeboote.
  4. CrossHares


    Well that answers part of something else I was wondering - would it fit into existing mechanics? If they've added depth charges, then I suppose I can always hold onto the possibility
  5. CrossHares


    So would Submarines and U-Boats be too complicated and unbalance the game too much if they were included as a new type of vessel?
  6. CrossHares

    3rd Nation of ships

    The Italian Navy would also be viable - dem Littorio Class Battleships bro. But yeah, the RN would have been the obvious 3rd nation. Oh well.