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  1. deathrides

    what happens after 75 loyalty

    You would hope its not set up so you have to change teams that would sort of be so much for being loyal the whole way through would be nicer if there was a surprise bonus at the end for staying loyal throuhout
  2. Once you hit the 75 loyalty how is the best way to keep earning tokens does it reset ? or do you need to change teams to keep getting tokens ? doesnt help with the loyalty factor if its option 2
  3. deathrides

    Detection in smoke

    I agree with the detection values added when shooting in smoke and think they are 1 more step to making the game more balanced for warship types but I do have 1 complaint abut the mechanic's when a battleship fires secondaries whilst in smoke its detection becomes the same as if it has fired its main guns we either need to reduce/ignore secondaries for this skill or have an ability to switch them off so ship may use smoke to heal without being sighted from distance Please please
  4. deathrides

    Arp Shjps and Commanders

    What has happened to our ARP ships and commanders please advise
  5. Does anybody know when these are issued once bought I paid for mine several days ago and have seen 1 in battle but have not yet recieved my own one is this normal or is it bugged because I already have the original kamikaze R ??
  6. Hello many people will know this but where and how do I post my liquidator screenshot to enter the draw for the extra $150 coins second liquidator I have got since contest started but I was unaware of first and did not screen shoot it many thanks for your help
  7. deathrides

    dragon flags

    Yes I am , obviously a great reward for all players who compete in public test and perhaps also a draw card for wow to get more players competing Very happy thank you WOW
  8. deathrides

    dragon flags

    hard to consider it as anything else but a signal flag ( the fact its called a flag does tend to support this) if something could be not available without notification how would ppl feel if they only received 1/2 the flags for competing in a public test because the others were not available (without any notification) since it has been issued as a reward flags for other things since its introduction it would be setting a precedent to say its not available ( I have them in my inventory) back to the original thing either pay up or change the wording or have a WOW official give a clear explanation or ruling but once again the original intention make it available in some form or other its a great flag but should be earn't one way or another you seem rather quite on the second part of the original suggestion your thoughts would be of interest
  9. deathrides

    dragon flags

    perhaps they should change the wording or dish give them out. the wording does state all available signal flags not trying to argue with you but they are either an available flag or they are past tense and gone in which case they should consider re introducing them as per part 2 of my suggestion
  10. deathrides

    dragon flags

    so you are sure we will never see dragon flags again oh dear, not sure I could agree with that
  11. deathrides

    dragon flags

    1/ participate in the public test and receive 3 of all available flags (hard to misunderstand unless the English translation is bad and all is mean to mean common) 2/ the encouragement is you need to get the ship up a level in first place
  12. deathrides

    dragon flags

    a question and a suggestion 1/ question when you participate in public test part of the reward is 3 of every available signal but I have never recieved a dragon flag for participating . Why ? 2/ issue of dragon flags with purchase of new ship like when they were first given out every tier 10 ship was awarded with 50 how about as an encouragement for people to progress every ship purchased is given 5 dragon flags per level of ship ie tier 3 gets 15 tier 10 gets 50 ?
  13. deathrides

    saipan able to exit dogfight no penalty

    and as used as I have described you dont feel it is broken, I was aware of the update in the patch what I am saying is that it has unbalanced the carriers at tier 7 and given the saipan to big an advantage
  14. I was in a game today with a ranger against a saipan both of us had 2 fighter squadrons but he had the ability to exit the dogfight with no penalty and having faster fighters would engage mine in a dogfight and start a strafe run with his second squadron and then exit the dogfight with his first squadron prior to the strafe reaching my fighters which were locked in place. Needless to say a totally unfair advantage which cost me all my fighters for the loss of about 6 of his even when I managed to engage his fighters separately he would still exit 1 squadron and strafe mine being locked in place for several seconds before being able to move a very unfair advantage created which needs to be addressed
  15. deathrides

    Bismarck: Full Secondary build still worth it?

    By your leading comments you are a team player supporting your dd's which is what wins games often (and what a Bismarck is very good at) I suspect you wouldn't much enjoy the sit back sniping game, try it without altering your ship. In my opinion the mod's for the sniping game don't help that much choosing a reticle that works well for you is the most important part of being a sniper. See which style you enjoy more and then go with the build that suits that style it is after all a game that you are meant to enjoy