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  1. So what is the deal with the teams lately? I seem to be winning (On a good night) around 30% of battles. Even when i do 172k damage in a tier 6 CV, we still lose! WTF is going on with MM?!?! My overall WR has dropped down by over 2% in the past few weeks. This game is becoming unplayable.
  2. Bundy_Ben

    Apparent changes in 0.5.3

    Of course they nerf the Lexington into the ground when i have it.....
  3. Something needs to be done to improve the MM in ranked battles as the quality of players in ranked has become just pathetic. Tonight alone i have gone from being 1 victory from rank 1 to lose 7+ battles in a row (Even when i do over 120,000 damage) and now i am almost at rank 4. Some of these people should not be playing ranked and are just such bad players and do things in the battle that make me want to throw my laptop against the wall. For example, there was about 1 minute left in the battle and we had an Atago and the enemy team had an Amagi, we were about to win on capture points but for some reason the Atago decided to try and face the Amagi who had MORE HP and you can probably guess who came out on top of that fight. Do something, anything before people just give up this game and take their business elsewhere.
  4. Bundy_Ben

    Why do you guys make Yorck so weak

    I am grinding the York at the moment and i find it to be just painful. If they just buffed the HE or increased the velocity of the AP i would be very happy and would feel like this ship is competitive against other cruisers of its tier.
  5. Bundy_Ben

    how long does it take