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  1. Will it come with a broken comms system? It's history with HMAS Voyager made Voyager just that. History.
  2. McKitten

    Beta Codes

    Actually lately I've been lucky to see 2000 during the week & trying to get a match without bots for my low tier ships has been close on impossible.I think we need fresh blood. I also have friends who accepted first round offers in NA and didn't know about Asia until recent. Maybe each player could have 5 friends to invite? Convincing those on NA to loose their progress will be hard but it will make things a little more fun!
  3. McKitten

    Impressions so far

    I think the torp warning needs to go off earlier, I have had a couple of games in which they can't have been 1km away before I started getting a warning signal from a ship that was launching from under smoke 6kms or so away. I also think that being able to 1 shot a fellow destroyer is a problem. As a counter to nerfing the torps perhaps there can be a hull health increase on the destroyer and the sinking damage be slower globally.
  4. McKitten

    facebook world of warships fan site

    Only Issue I've seen so far is that it needs authorization which most public groups don't. Just an oversight or deliberate?