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  1. Nya_gaming

    BOT 및 사용금지 모드 계정 제제 안내

    함장 여러분, BOT 및 사용 금지 모드에 사용에 관련하여 진행된 제재 현황에 대하여 공유해 드립니다. 7개의 계정위반에 대한 조처를 했으며, 앞으로도 지속적인 모니터링을 통하여 제재하도록 하겠습니다. 즐거운 항해 되시길 바랍니다. 감사합니다. Action Stations!
  2. Nya_gaming


    您好,艦長! 我們今天對 7個外掛以及 Bot 帳號採取了相應措施。 感謝各位艦長的支持。 全速前進!
  3. 艦長のみなさん! ゲームルールに抵触したと判断された合計7のアカウントに対して、対処を行わせていただきました。 皆様のご報告とフェアプレイに心より感謝いたします。
  4. Nya_gaming

    BOT and MOD Account Sanction Report

    Hello Captains! Today, we have taken measures to 7 accounts for violated accounts. We will continue to monitor the results for better player experiences. Thank you and hope to see you out on the High Seas! The World of Warships Team
  5. Nya_gaming

    Christmas Story Event

    Hi @Rugby_Warrior, Thank you for participating in the forum event. Apologies for the confusion regarding the event period. The correct event period is: Story sharing: 15 Dec (18:00 UTC+8) to 27 Dec (23:59 UTC+8) We will give out the reward - 1 day of Warships Premium Account to players who have taken part in this event until 28 Dec (23:59 UTC+8). As for the result of the Top winner, we have found BOTs voting on several posts. We have excluded all the votes by BOTs (by accounts created on the same day by the same IPs) and your post has not been chosen as a "Top winner" for this reason. We would like to ask for your understanding regarding this matter. See you on the High Seas! Nya-gaming
  6. Nya_gaming

    BOT 및 사용금지 모드 계정 제제 안내

    함장 여러분, BOT 및 사용 금지 모드에 사용에 관련하여 진행된 제재 현황에 대하여 공유해 드립니다. 9개의 계정위반에 대한 조처를 했으며, 앞으로도 지속적인 모니터링을 통하여 제재하도록 하겠습니다. 즐거운 항해 되시길 바랍니다. 감사합니다. Action Stations!
  7. What is YouTube Membership, and how to earn in-game stuff from it. Commanders! We would like to announce that we are launching YouTube Memberships functionality on our YouTube channel. What is a Membership on our channel? Through recurring monthly payments, memberships on the main YouTube site and app allow you to purchase public badges, emoji and the most important — in game stuff, offered by our channel. We are the first channel on YouTube with that kind of functionality! What could I get? For the $1 subscription you’ll get goods with a total value of $5! Sounds like a bargain! You'll get a special “Bad Advice: Behind the Stages” container, with following in-game bonuses: An element of "Bad Advice: Behind the Stages", 500 doubloons 1 000 000 credits. How can I join? Press the “Join” button on the main page of our channel. Choose the “Commander WoWS” tier. Subscribe and earn in-game items, badges and emojis on YouTube. Please note: you can cancel your subscription anytime. You’ll be receiving in-game items while your subscription lasts. How Can I Get My In-Game Rewards? To be eligible for the in-game rewards, you need to link your Wargaming and YouTube accounts. Upon confirmation of successful linking, you’ll receive your reward. Even if you are not interested in Memberships, you can still link your account and get 1 day of WoWS Premium account. How to link your accounts Navigate to your account management page and log in with your Wargaming credentials. Click the YouTube button on the right side of the page. Sign in to your YouTube account. After successfully linking your accounts, you’ll be redirected back to your Wargaming Account Management page. Your linked YouTube account will be displayed in the Linked social networks section. Be sure that you leave your “Keep all my subscription hidden” untagged. Frequently Asked Questions What if I link multiple YouTube accounts to my Wargaming Account? The reward can only be received once, so if you unlink your YouTube account, then make sure to link it back or link another YouTube account. You will not receive the reward a second time. Is the bonus available for all regions? Yes, the bonus can be received in any region where the Wargaming servers are available. What if I play World of Warships on Steam? If you play World of Warships on the Steam or Microsoft Store platforms, first you will need to link your account to a Wargaming.net Account. This can also be done via the Wargaming Account Management service. Once that is done, just follow the same steps as described in the How to link accounts section.
  8. Hello Captain! Update 0.10.10 is now live! Features: Superships in Ranked Battles Arms Race Novorossiysk Service Soviet Aircraft Carriers German Battleships Visual Improvements Clan Battles Submarine Tweaks Division Achievements and Division Stars Armory Game Balance Changes Other New Features and Changes Check out this article for more details: Update 0.10.10: Superships| World of Warships Have you enjoyed our new Update 0.10.10? Please give us your feedback and let us know what you think. If you haven't tried yet, download Update 0.10.10 and try out the new features! In case you face any issue in the game, please report the bug or problem on below thread:
  9. Nya_gaming

    Update 0.10.10 Bug Report Thread

    Hello, Commanders! Have you already played our new 0.10.10 update? How's everything going so far? As you've already noticed, there are multiple new features and improvements in this update. We kindly ask you to report any bugs or problems on this thread. Related screenshots or replay files would be much appreciated! Please be noted that this thread is for bugs and issues on 0.10.10 only to avoid confusion. Thank you for your cooperation and support!
  10. Nya_gaming

    Graphics Update Review

    Hi @S0und_Theif, Thank you for the suggestions. We will share this information with the development team. See you on the High Seas! Nya-gaming
  11. Nya_gaming

    About BOT

    Hi @EXboom, Thank you for the information and suggestions. We will share your feedback with the development team. Would be great if you can also report BOTS here: Action Stations! Nya-gaming
  12. Nya_gaming

    Fifth Brawl

    Hi @drop271, We are not allowed to disclose this information to our players and that's the reason why we can't share them with you. Action Stations! Nya-gaming
  13. Nya_gaming

    BOT and MOD Account Sanction Report

    Hello Captains! We understand your concerns regarding BOT issues and recently have taken measures to the 43 violated accounts. Our new detection system has increased efficiency and the measures have also been strengthened. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the new system and will adapt to meet our future circumstances. Thank you and we hope to see you out on the High Seas! The World of Warships Team
  14. Commanders! As you know, there was a free offer to reset skills for all commanders. Unfortunately, due to a mistake on our side, this offer ended earlier than announced. We would like to inform you that the issue was fixed: now you are able to reset skills for all your commanders for free, depending on the region, until: EU: 22.10.2021 5:00 UTC; NA: 21.10.2021 10:00 UTC; ASIA: 21.10.2021 21:00 UTC; CIS: 21.10.2021 2:00 UTC. We apologize for the inconvenience. Good luck and fair seas!
  15. Nya_gaming

    Fifth Brawl

    Hi @drop271. Apologies but we cannot disclose the details of the histories. Action Stations! Nya-gaming