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  1. stewiejp


    Armadas sounds better... just putting it out there..
  2. AVG does this from time to time... just deactivate it for a few minutes while you install the mod pack.. works fine (same with the WoT pack).
  3. stewiejp

    Warships Stats - The new stats site

    Could not agree more, I only played PvE back when the server numbers were so low I couldn't get a real game (very early days when the server was only open at night and weekends), and consistently won close to 100%. Since stats are generally regarded as some kind of measure of skill, IMO anything under the 90's would be nothing worth bragging about, however it looks good to some I guess having a high win rate when we are used to the 50's in WoT signatures. True measure of skill has to be PvP. Players who "don't want to play against other people," but wish to have the PvE stats displayed... why? If not to make you look like a better player? I don't have a problem with players only wishing to play easy mode (PvE) but to have these stats considered is comparable to keeping WoT Training room stats... Just my 2 bob's worth... hope it makes sense.
  4. stewiejp

    Warships Stats - The new stats site

    No, if I can win over 80% of PvE games, then those stats should not be shown. It would just encourage people who aren't that good (me) to brag about their stats
  5. Up Periscope on the Commodore 64 or 128 - it was amazing, you could cruise around for hours without seeing any bad guys!
  6. Just rename the folder inside the res mods to 0.4.0 and it all works..
  7. stewiejp

    Hourly premium ... please

    This has been discussed at length at the WOT forums, and it isn't on the cards, and isn't likely to be at any stage.
  8. stewiejp

    PaX Melbourne 2015

    I'll be there - look out for the funny hat, bright shirt etc..
  9. stewiejp

    Game too much of a grind

    Just enjoy whatever tier you are at, after a few years and 21,000 battles of tanks, I realised that - it's a game and should be enjoyed.. so just enjoy wherever you are in the line of ships - you will get there eventually (high tiers) but no need to sprint.. it's a marathon.
  10. stewiejp

    New special part II (yeah this again...)

    Even though it's still "Beta" - I'd expect changes and improvements even during official release, just like WoT and any other game which updates periodically. One thing wont change though... players complaining this week's special isn't what they want, or up to their standards....
  11. stewiejp

    DeceasedDaisy - Countour Icon Numbers (via Aslains)

    Think I worked it out - it appears to be the torpedo range of each ship... hence they don't all have the figure.. just in case anyone else was stumped.
  12. .... neither is there "Accelerate Crew Training" yet... watch this space!
  13. stewiejp

    Two Ranks of Lieutenant Commander?

    Likely different levels or ceilings for different ship classes I guess.
  14. Level 9 - makes sense... good call. OP - Free XP has always only been purchasable using gold, it's the WG way... and stops people simply free XP'ing their way through stock tanks/ships/planes all the way.
  15. stewiejp

    pink names in game

    Cool bananas.. wasn't really serious re - N&S.. I saw (I reckon) about 6 pinkies in 4 games, yes more than one a game, some were platooned with other pinkies that day... BUT as could be expected with any new game, we are going to be playing with some numpties at times... Used the in game reporting function at the time, and obviously they game "knew" what was going on, otherwise he or she wouldn't have turned pink.. The main thing is keeping stress levels down... no need to rage or get frustrated... which seems to be easier in this game than Tanks, but then again I am winning a lot more often here..