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  1. Mr_Good_Citizen

    0.8 Roll Back Date

    First you say that WG changed the CVs because players wanted change... Then you say that WG never listens to players, and never will.. No wonder i'm confused.
  2. Mr_Good_Citizen

    What the bratwurst do I do with 150mm German DDs!?

    I'm thinking of getting the Z39. I found this helpful. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/158757-premium-ship-review-z-39/ Getting good information on the SEA forum is an oxymoron.
  3. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Winners of Ralph's Christmas crate giveaway and upboat farming thread

    I will not be salty if my crate is poop. Mr_Good_Citizen
  4. Mr_Good_Citizen

    "China(?)" player become more extreme nowaday

    A good dose of re-education will adjust their attitude. It did wonders for mine. PS< I liked how he mistaken thought he was sending his abuse to a 'commonwealth slave'.
  5. Mr_Good_Citizen


    Open your eyes...
  6. Mr_Good_Citizen


    For a long time I have been playing this game sporadically, and I logged on the other night to play. And what do i find?..Something WG said they would never ever introduce into the game. They said it repeatedly...No subs. But yet, there they are...steampunk ones at that... Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  7. Mr_Good_Citizen

    WG's "returning player incentive" discussion

    I recently came back to the game after not playing this for about 16 months. What did I get ? Zilch. What was I supposed to get? PS, don't think I'll stay for long, either. I forgot most things I learned and trying to learn all over again is tricky, I just get killed quickly.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks the OP can't come up with better thread titles?
  9. Mr_Good_Citizen

    About rewards for players who may return to this game

    I was given 7 days prem and 2k dubloons. Also some things arrived in a super container. Before yesterday, the last game I played would have been in early 2017.
  10. Mr_Good_Citizen

    the new "tk" system

    Wow. I was just thinking of coming back to this game. Thought I'd check out the forum. First thing I see on the list turns out to be someone on his first ever post reporting what he thinks may be a glitch. Only to be ridiculed by a forum sealclubber supertester. Way to keep people interested in the game.
  11. Mr_Good_Citizen

    we need it bro! add more minimap pinging system :V

    Don't forget the command that says "OK battleship, move forward away from the back line". Another one that springs to mind is "DD, leave the carrier alone and get to the cap!"
  12. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Train them well.

    I hope the training pays off for those Weekend Commanders.. Lord knows they need it.
  13. Mr_Good_Citizen

    This game deserves the name of 'World of Cowards'

    So what your saying is that the other people on your team, for 4 battles (say 60 people), also must lose? And no one on the winning teams for those battles has been reported? And how exactly does WG ensure they lose? And why would WG do that, seeing that the report system is open to all sort of abuse??
  14. Mr_Good_Citizen

    This game deserves the name of 'World of Cowards'

    Tell me more about this. How can being reported cause you to lose a battle?
  15. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Dragon Flag for 1st Birthday

    I don't play this game often. I haven't received any at all. Does everyone get them?