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  1. Mr_Good_Citizen

    What is that ?

    You're the fish, right?
  2. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Chat-bans and insults.

    Simply saying 'Sticks and stones etc' is what you say to placate a child. Maybe makes the child feel better. My 'rents said it to me too. . It's works because kids believe what Mum and Dad say. Unfortunately parents don't always tell or know the truth. Think Easter Bunny, Tooth fairy etc etc. ... In some cases, names can be very harmful. Do you know Untermensch? It lead to the killing of millions. It was a name. . And saying that the one being abused ought to grow a hide is merely blaming the victim. It's a cop out. It's like saying 'I punched him, but his bones are brittle and his nose broke. It's his fault cos he didnt learn to drink more milk'.. The blame always lies with the abuser, which others here have already touched on. So bring on abuser chatbans. Everyone signed the EULA, they know what they're getting in to. And if they don't thats their fault.
  3. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Chat-bans and insults.

    This is a joke, right? Or a case of bad hypocrisy in the least. In the past, you threatened someone in this forum who called you "My Dear". You were triggered beyond belief. Furthermore, you act like the biggest snowflake on the forums, abusing CV players ( you don't like their play style) and anyone who disagrees with you. Especially those not of your country. So who is the cry baby now ? Rascism, sexism and other forms of discrimination is not beyond a joke, it's enshrined in our law. This is because are an intelligent nation. If you don't like it, go live in a country where it's acceptable and life is more than likely shit. It's time you grew up and moved into the 21st century.
  4. Mr_Good_Citizen

    PSA - The Pink Bots.

    I was just in a battle where one of our team sailed in a straight line from spawn, firing blindly. In fact, he sailed so straight, he crashed into an island. There he remained, still firing at nothing that resembled a legit target. Such a sad sight. My maneuvering took me closeby, so I paid him a visit. Such a close visit that his shots hit me. Whoops, I wasn't quick enough in moving away, and he received the warning that turns you pink. I don't think poor ol' bot program knows that he's pink. He's just going to go to auto battle in the next ship in his carousal. It would be such a pity if another player ran near pink bot and got shot. This would mean pink bot gets more warnings and team damage suspension. Poor, poor bot. He can't play the game anymore. So if you see a pink bot, whatever you do, DO NOT ALLOW his shots to hit you. Because that bot account will be suspended. And that would be a shame. Especially when his human cheater controller see's what has happened to the account. TL/DR players can do something positive against bots, we have the power.
  5. Mr_Good_Citizen

    National flags.

    This IS WoWs. We need flags more suitable than national ones. Flags that actually have meaning to us players. Like for big spenders, or or to symbolize a life wasted on the computer, I couldn't find a flag that represents noobism. Perhaps some smarty out there can design one?
  6. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Price discrimination of Friesland

    I don't see what the uproar is. WG can put whatever price they want on their pixel ships that are really worth nothing. There is no law that says all servers must charge the same.
  7. Mr_Good_Citizen

    WoWs- i'm out for a while :(

    I was trying to help you. Letting other players use your account is just asking for trouble. Especially if you use this forum to find your 'ghost player'. And probably breaks rules somehow. So maybe it's not ironic at all.
  8. Mr_Good_Citizen

    WoWs- i'm out for a while :(

    I think you've come to the wrong place.
  9. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Furutaka improved repair party

    Japanese gaffa tape. I think the only thing that stuff can't fix is MM.
  10. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Coupons. Where to?

  11. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Raptor rescue | rants

    The better your skill, the more you get frustrated. This rule seems to apply to most games. As your knowledge and performance increase, you can't but help notice those other players that just aren't on your level. And when those players die or make team-wide mistakes, it's hard not to judge them. When this Operation first came out, there were no threads blaming playerbase - there were threads claiming that the op was too hard.... Regular Op players have no probs with this Op now, its the guys who play it occasionally are the ones who make it a challenge. Give it time. Eventually, players will be just as good at this Op as the other 'easy ones', and WG will buff it.
  12. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Submarines is coming

    Not-so-bold prediction. Prem Russian subs will produce more salt than the Atlantic ocean.
  13. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Losses, losses and more god damned losses

    Of course he used his own name. His ego would never allow him to do otherwise.
  14. It wasn't Sharkbaits' house by any chance, was it?