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  1. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Noob needs an answer..

    Sure. RNGesus rolls His dice over all of us mortals. No-one is exempt.
  2. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Noob needs an answer..

    I got my mod from the WoWs modstation. I picked up an angle indicator and damage dealt/received plus a few other ones. knowledge=power
  3. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Noob needs an answer..

    I downloaded the mod by accident, I thought I was getting something else. I never went looking for this... Now I have it, I feel I have a slight 'edge'. It's prolly just a psyche thing... I also like to know who is who among my enemies.
  4. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Noob needs an answer..

    Why? Why indeed. One night whilst having a few drinks, I selected a few mods from the WoWs modstation that looked desirable... And here I am. But now I know the bad guys WR and PR, all the more power to me.
  5. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Noob needs an answer..

    I don't think I've ever played higher randoms than T5. Hmm, maybe I should my Lapantsu into T9 PvPs. ..or maybe not. I play mainly Operations. Grind up to the necessary tiered ships in co-op. Last few days i've been using cvs in randoms. How daring of me.
  6. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Noob needs an answer..

    Thank you sir. As I only play PvP with my CVs, I thought I these numbers just a CV thing. Like AA efficiency or something like that.
  7. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Noob needs an answer..

    Thanks, i was thinking this was the case.
  8. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Noob needs an answer..

    Now that I'm venturing into Random battles, I've come across a baffling new piece of info.. Could someone plz tell me what the orange and yellow numbers are. Feels like something important that I need to know. edit; it does not appear in co-op mode nor on my team mates.
  9. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Roast me!!!

    Fancy that. You have a Destruction Ratio the same as your age.
  10. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Second year of warhammer containers drop rate

    RNGesus is gonna be busy deciding who gets what. Pray like you mean it.
  11. Mr_Good_Citizen

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    The Great CC Rework.
  12. Mr_Good_Citizen

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    According to many threads, this game has never been balanced and prolly never will... However, people still play and enjoy it... Why should this new proposal be an exception?? Be careful what you wish for - it's very true. But what can the outcomes be?.. Either the mode is appalling and no-one plays it, or it's a great new variety that lots of people like. ..Although I have a hunch it'll be somewhere in between...Whichever it be, i'm very sure we all will still be alive the next morning. As disappointing as it may be to some, this idea will not cause the end of the world.
  13. Mr_Good_Citizen

    What is the trick to lighting fires

    Goats. You need goats. Sacrifice them to our Lord RNGesus. And if the stars align properly, all your enemies will suffer the divine red stuff that eats HP.
  14. Mr_Good_Citizen

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    I think that's it's super cool that the idea of Axis vs Allies is being considered... It's a really good idea. ..I'm looking forward to it. There is the issue of balanz, but I'm sure something can be worked around to make this battle type a thing... This is a Work in Progress and liable to change. And ofc, the Battles in RL weren't balanzed either...I know, I know, if you want RL, go elsewhere... I guess the bottom line is 'Can Axis v Allies separate players from their money at a quicker rate than normal?'..