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  1. ShiraYukira

    Topic Redacted

    If you are good at that specific class of ship whats wrong with it ? I main IJN DD come roast me i suffered when radar came out nowsaday in WOWS not only desmoines is a threat look at them CL they hurt so much that doesnt deter me from playing DD if you are even so called good at it you should be able to play without getting so fustrated don't talk to me about every 3 bloody minutes being radar-ed have you been radar-ed continuously since the start for like 3 minutes straight? i don't find it so bad even tho im losing HP im just playing my role eatting radar for life i have been reported by a salty team mate who say im camping behind island doing nothing but im actually making the enemy using all their radars just to spot me im also in a position that prevents enemy from capping/ pushing being a destroyer there are many things you can do and you can't do with radar around it restricts you to a few option but this doesnt mean you are completely useless you just need to play more and take a step back and think what you could have done instead of whining about Radar OP radar in reality is OP and its not going away, the only thing you can do is to deal with it or just work around it !
  2. ShiraYukira

    Wows in one sentence contest

    "When am i going to uninstall this"
  3. i been playing ijn dd and radar is a pain i agree with @icy_phoenix i may whine about it at the point im radar-ed but overall , JUST DEAL WITH IT
  4. ShiraYukira

    free flag from Azur Lane

    Many thanks
  5. ShiraYukira


    im on Aigle , there is this Algerie just outside of my detection range about 500meters i wasnt firing i was rushing the gaede who is in the smoke
  6. ShiraYukira


    Okay so i am detected by this Gaede.... in a smoke and he is shooting at me constantly i can't see him and when i see him its 2km thats when the smoke died down can someone explained im really noob with concealment so im not sure what is going on also it isn't hydro
  7. i gotten the bretagne mission by luck from the given missions... i was praying for richilieau but oh well doesnt really matter im just happy atleast i gotten one of em anyways since im busy with NS but from what i heard there will be more mission coming up after this set of mission
  8. ShiraYukira

    The state of this game

    talk about belfast why don't talk about minotaur cuz mino only ap ? how bout des moines? i don't find that belfast is a thread it depends on what you are playing mainly but yeah belfast isn't so much of a pain its counted as pay to win but still it doesn't seem worser than some other ships in comparison like desmoines
  9. Wait so why should we give him a break with such a title? i could understand it if he is pretty good himself and posted this thread im an average player and i dislike how it is but what else can i do but to perform well and work with team mates that 1. Usually doesn't understand me 2. doesn't care about the game win or lose and the occasional communicative players that actually doesn't know what the heck they are actually doing. From what i could assume he is probably those back line damage farming battleships that i always love to take a bit out of in my Zao..... you can't ask a game company to do something about extremely bad players because some people are just pure bad.... but some learn overtime, so you can't really ask Wargaming to ban players
  10. ShiraYukira

    Another [content removed] typical weekend warriors

    ooo my win rate plummeted this weekend but it doesnt seem to matter that much haha especially this morning obvious mm error where there is only 5v5 where everyone is equal tiered but my atago is against a DM donskoi >_<
  11. ShiraYukira

    Middle and Lower Tiers, returning experience

    well there is the occasional mediocre/average players that are moving to another new line that get smack in the middle of a seal clubbing crossfire too XD
  12. took me 2 hour on HSF graf spee n harekaze to finish collection in pve kek
  13. ShiraYukira

    way too much divisions

    OOO speaking of which if i see drakon umm i will sink him :3 unless its on my team but i did ask the prev few time if i could... ;) torp him
  14. ShiraYukira

    way too much divisions

    im 50/50 on this topic myself i like soloing i don't find it troubling to have many divisioned players only problem is probably when 2 dd in a division spawn on 1 side of the map and there isnt any other DD and they are reluctant to split up for the better of the team
  15. ShiraYukira

    Missouri Marathon

    hmmm i think you'll be fine i meant aslong as you are willing to feed some cash to wargaming.... i have a friend atm who have accumulated about 170k exp but... 42k actual free exp so he need to farm 530k EXP and copnvert about 700k exp to FREE exp just for missouri..... which is about 150 dollars in singapore..... so rip him