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  1. ShiraYukira

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Clearly you haven't experienced this game much yet, alot of people have trouble transiting from Light cruiser to heavy cruiser as you start to abandon your torpedo and make use of your main guns more, there is nothing to talk about detection in lower tiers hell i don't even bother about it until tier 8 or so unless im playing a DD a furutaka has 203mm guns it basically can shread almost every equal tier or below cruiser and grant you citadel hits, if you are so full of Sheet you should learn to play more and do some research instead of whining about how poorly you been playing and think back what you did wrong and how you could have work and make things well That last line is pretty rude, makes me question why you even started the IJN line anyways
  2. ShiraYukira

    A second look at Ibuki.

    my zao is actually running range with rudder it was full rudder last time
  3. ShiraYukira

    Izumo is so much worse than I thought :(

    this is going to be really funny.... i hate people thinking too hard about THEORY fak that bro what is economics when you enter a game you are immediately charged a fixed price called what? service cost or something... saving money by not being hit that doesn't seem to exist anymore technically yamato guns aren't lazer you don't even have her yet do you? how do you know? if you going to tell me you seen people play it and its like lazer well its juet "people" get it? i play pvp because i can't be bothered with playing pve, playing pve makes my brain goes bad because everything is just too easy my aim will degrade and it will cause problems in pvp games. keep saying izumo needs buff i will just keep saying play more bloody izumo
  4. ShiraYukira

    1 000 000 FXP for Alaska...

    im actually really really afraid it become a Coal only or something like jean bart
  5. ShiraYukira

    Izumo is so much worse than I thought :(

    To be very honest i hate doing this which is digging into another person's or player's stats to comfirm what kind of player that are because your 4k battle is unbelievable thats why i did some digging im not saying 4k means you are new to game or whatever or anything of that sort i went into there is tto find out what kind of ships you mainly play and basically things like that first of all if this have insulted you i apologize in advance because it will hurt and disclaimed this is really rude and i think its somewhat justified Else im actually replying to someone who is trolling people wasting people's time but whatever im still gonna try to make you understand what is wrong with this whole... thing TLDR; you need to play more PVP before putting this kind of shenanigans Yes Zao will burn you its the same as all the other BB in the whole game other than those fast battleships so this argument is pretty much invalid if you are playing a BB and those fire starters aren't going to shoot at you how the heck are they going to farm damage? So here you are saying Long range accuracy? so you want a cruiser accuracy on a BB? are you serious but honestly tho you haven't play enough Izumo, her guns are really good Ships with camo ? what is that? i actually don't understand how camo even affect the game now its just increase RNG that the whole game is RNG so this argument is abit meh because when you hit the point that you play so much that camo actually help you? sorry i don't actually feel that the camo even save me at all bruh... i only run those concealment -3% ones haha I here am going to jump to last line WAIT YOU SAID LONG RANGE? WTF IS PUSHING in early game? So you are engaging targets are LONG or CLOSE RANGE? WTF bro This here is just so contradictory its going to make my mind WHOOP seriously too inconsistent you want to buff close range combat or long range combat? i dont understand as a battleship what is your job? HUNT cruisers and punish BB and CA or CL that are making mistakes so i have no idea why are you rushing to the battlefield there is no need to do such thing just go slowly and punish those ships you see when you see them The game is well paced not like those stupid bot games where the AI just rush Mid cyka or whatever you want to go to middle fast because you want to destroy those dumb AI in PVE games not gonna happen deal with it its a slow ship. Yes being detected by DD well lets just say its life of every single BB in the game unless you are running some concealment BB LOL you are a battleship not some destroyers HAHA you over extended too hard tbh you also need to think about your position... Try to position yourself behind some friendly cruisers or destroyers they will scout the waters for torpedoes for you. thats the end of this whole sheeennnnn yeah im pretty damn upset... because izumo is like one of the best tier 9 out there.... i personally prefer it over the musashi but okay i dont have alot of ships outside of IJN line but really? does Izumo need a buff?? my suggestion is that you play more PVP games and more games in izumo after you have train yourself in PVP games by then you should be able to play izumo decently
  6. ShiraYukira

    A second look at Ibuki.

    llike i said i only have 1 game in ibuki so i choose zao XD
  7. ShiraYukira

    A second look at Ibuki.

    im a peasants i just free exp to Zao after literally 1 game of ibuki .... People tell me that ibuki has more range than Zao I havent check it yet but im still contemplating if i should go try ibuki a bit more
  8. ShiraYukira

    OCD satisfied.. for now...

    Rip shimakaze i guess 😭 i didnt see the right side i forgot about that
  9. ShiraYukira

    OCD satisfied.. for now...

    Whats your surface detection? is it lower than shimakaze 's 5.6 ? or kagerou class 5.4 ?
  10. ShiraYukira

    Izumo is so much worse than I thought :(

    i actually don't know what to say tbh.... the deck armor buff is actually really good on her I dont find her guns inaccurate im really bad at shooting long range but when i hit ___ trying to turn away and give me a broadside sometimes it kills them sometimes just near misses but most of the times when my shells hit it hurts else just rng bounce or they angle properly to evade eatting the damage her rudder doesn't need buffing because its a normal BB, you only need the rudder shift time if you are playing it in close ranges but mainly you don't need it i haven't have problem with torpedoes because usually its a death sentence for me for being stupid doing you know stupid things else no issues there for speed wise ummm i actually go with 1/2 so buffing it is ummm ?????? unless we are winning and need to push hard on the flank im at ..... these are from my personal games to your opinion on buffing the izumo do tell me if im doing things wrongly 64k / 249k to yamato
  11. ShiraYukira

    Topic Redacted

    If you are good at that specific class of ship whats wrong with it ? I main IJN DD come roast me i suffered when radar came out nowsaday in WOWS not only desmoines is a threat look at them CL they hurt so much that doesnt deter me from playing DD if you are even so called good at it you should be able to play without getting so fustrated don't talk to me about every 3 bloody minutes being radar-ed have you been radar-ed continuously since the start for like 3 minutes straight? i don't find it so bad even tho im losing HP im just playing my role eatting radar for life i have been reported by a salty team mate who say im camping behind island doing nothing but im actually making the enemy using all their radars just to spot me im also in a position that prevents enemy from capping/ pushing being a destroyer there are many things you can do and you can't do with radar around it restricts you to a few option but this doesnt mean you are completely useless you just need to play more and take a step back and think what you could have done instead of whining about Radar OP radar in reality is OP and its not going away, the only thing you can do is to deal with it or just work around it !
  12. ShiraYukira

    Wows in one sentence contest

    "When am i going to uninstall this"
  13. i been playing ijn dd and radar is a pain i agree with @icy_phoenix i may whine about it at the point im radar-ed but overall , JUST DEAL WITH IT
  14. ShiraYukira

    free flag from Azur Lane

    Many thanks
  15. ShiraYukira


    im on Aigle , there is this Algerie just outside of my detection range about 500meters i wasnt firing i was rushing the gaede who is in the smoke