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  1. Asamiya__

    the paradox of playing CVs

    does slinghshot still work or just people saving their planes?
  2. Asamiya__

    the paradox of playing CVs

    double reply LOL is it me being noob or sector AA is technically the most useless system ever? because the if enemy targets you then on their 2nd attack run on you it usually on the other side.............. im always playing open water , Zao , yamato , shimakaze etc etc so i find that focusing 1 side kinda kill myself when the 2nd attack run comes
  3. Asamiya__

    the paradox of playing CVs

    TLDR REEE okay jokes aside since you are crying as a old friend i will reply here first so don't cri..... Edit : LET ME Read... give me time..... lots of time i prefer if a cv does an initial scouting atleast light up enemy battleship position and direction of where they are going, hopefully sacrificing 1-2 planes or best none of your (CV) planes get destroyed... after that is probably just do your own thing maybe help against scouting enemy DD to deny enemy capping ? something like that then you might be able to do literally anything you want after all enemy DDs are spotted and sunk.. maybe the occasional scouting of enemy position for your team to push but this is pretty hard for CV players, its hard to juggle around like u said, hey, idk if you notice how the fighter planes from CA/BB work, idk why this game earlier today Me : colorado my escorts : 3 <- yes 3!!! aoba CA 1 of the aoba launch fighters, i also launched my fighters cuz incoming enemy dive bombers... what happen next puzzles me only that aoba's fighter chase enemy bombers that are coming towards me and my fighters just fly pass them and continue circling around me
  4. Asamiya__

    Daily containers for azur lane collections

    2 days of 2 containers so... its a very big middle finger Edit 12 may both box NOTHING again so that is 3 days of 2 containers i got nothing from the azur lane collection anyways just need to ask if we can still collect the collection after the event has ended?
  5. Asamiya__

    Daily containers for azur lane collections

    Guess i have the shetest RNG huh
  6. Is it me or daily containers stop giving Azur lane collections stuff ? for yesterday and today i wasn't able to get any collection items form the daily container , yes i enable the collecting in the collections tab in profile
  7. Asamiya__

    Azur Lane buying options

    this is pretty damaging not just because people not willing to jump down and get the largest pack taht is filled with things they don't want other than 1 specific character or all the characters but not the random stuff we dont need, People will instead end up not even buying anything (which this point has been said above ) People will start to doubt the game's future content, making some players literally dropping the game or turn to just F2P this game and not bothering supporting at all
  8. Asamiya__

    Azur Lane buying options

    I want the 2nd wave commander pack But the amount of garbage they put inside along with the commanders just to inflate the price make me cry i wanted to get Yukikaze along with all the commanders but well this happened... also to get azuma ... it cost the same as my upcoming surgery LOL WTF
  9. I understand the hatred to IJN but to be honest Furutaka has the biggest gun other than exeter but furutaka has good torps on top of that and its smaller Aoba is the best like its just really good there is nothing bad about it, you probably have problems because of the torpedoes Myoko is the ship to learn kiting its easy brain dead no issues Mogami is a pain no doubt because you have things like baltimore to deal with ibuki has good range basically an upgraded mogami IJN suffers alot because it's an old line BUT If you want dynamic and flexibility i would take a Zao compare to Desmoine , HIV , Hindenburg , Moskva because a Zao can do everything im bias but a HIV can do better of everything than Zao with that i am no bias anymore If you can't win CV you join them.... if you can't win Radar you join them.... this mindset is really bad might aswell remove all the lines that aren't Radar or all the ships that arent CV if you can't deal with CV or Radar you might aswell play the lower tiers such as Tier 1 to Tier 6 i might be rude but seriously we need people to stop screaming about CV and Radar you just need to adapt and learn to deal with it, some games are terrible 2 midway literally targeting 1 poor shimakaze and your friendly CV does nothing things like this Ruin your fun, but with the correct mindset it won't bother you at the end of the day
  10. how is moskva even considered a kiting ship ? they just sit there reverse bow tanking while laughing at the enemy trying to hit them hindenburg feels terrible right now Zao is okay but if you want the best get HIV, they will laugh at enemies trying to hit them but since you are new with 300 battles i suggest you try out all the 3 lines, there is no point saying that hey you should go for this or go for that just because you want to play kiting, your mindset will change when you go higher and higher up the tiers
  11. Asamiya__

    I just bounced 6 shells from my musashi

    well tbh i dont even know over match mechanics until recently when i try baltimore and my m8 told me to just bow on to a new mexico and i shook me really hard
  12. Asamiya__

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    So i started at 7:44 PM it is about 12:42 ? now midnight about 5 hours to complete this overly fustrating mission and got my ummmm EXETER
  13. Asamiya__

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    1st mission , DD rush trade with enemy DD get dev strike 2nd mission , farm enemy ( can be done in co-op js jump in and ask ur friends to not do anything and carry after if anything goes wrong) 3rd mission ask ur friends to let u kill enemy ( CO-OP) 4th missison ask ur friends to bait enemy to broadside for you to citadel them (co-op) im at 1sst mission 5/7 im fustrated hahaha cuz i really hate RN ships
  14. That might explain it , thanks
  15. same thing this morning so i did a recording on it