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  1. sc0ur

    server offline

    yea i used the code. game works fine now. where is the forum for weekend testers so i can talk about the game?
  2. sc0ur

    General WoWS Discussion

    yea its awesome but i cant connect now for some strange reason? You currently on Rapidfirevn?
  3. sc0ur

    server offline

    Also where is the weekend tester forum? I cant find it anywhere.
  4. sc0ur

    server offline

    Hey guys I managed to get one game in now it says server is unavailable? Is this happening to everyone?
  5. sc0ur

    Beta key not working

    Yea mine could only be redeemed on the EU server.
  6. sc0ur

    Beta key not working

    Im so excited!! Cant wait to try out this game, being unable to watch any gameplay on youtube or anything like that has been killing me. Am downloading the Asia client now. See you all on the seas!
  7. sc0ur

    Beta key not working

    I was a bit premature, it worked on the EU server Time for some horrendous ping playing from NZ
  8. sc0ur

    Beta key not working

    http://www.pcgamer.com/world-of-warships-win-access-to-this-week/ I got it from this site
  9. sc0ur

    Beta key not working

    I states I can redeem it anywhere. Lets me choose a link to either EU, NA or ASIA to redeem it. I have tried NA and Asia so far so guess I should try EU next.
  10. Hey guys, I have been amped since forever to play this game now finally got a Beta key through a website and it doesnt work. Keeps prompting me invalid key? Any idea how to get around this? I cant find any more keys out there