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  1. FurphyForum

    Time for a Oceana Sever

    7 minutes difference between post 43 and 44! Whose smoking what! Done!
  2. FurphyForum

    Time for a Oceana Sever

    Proof please, not hearsay! They could be Asian and pretending to be Australian. Hows that for apples!!! Ever think about that, mmmm guess not. Liars and Bullshitters must not exist in your thought process. You imply arrogantly and it's gauged in the way you write. Example is the Us / them people from your region comment/ attitude. Take a good hard look at yourself Icy.. as the reflection you see is boarding on YOU been toxic and crying wolf. Oh and nice to see that you just edited it and the last paragraph. Why didnt you just leave your original comments there for all to see as I saw them? Have a bit of integrity and intestinal fortitude Icy.
  3. FurphyForum

    Time for a Oceana Sever

    Gee Icy_phoenix, I'm glad it's only 50% of truth in that statement from a statistical standpoint, I seem to remember a certain two races from the last century that thought like that, one has apologised since, the other is yet to (again 50%). With comments like Tyhoon's ( be it trolling or not ) and yours, in being superior, you promote and endorse the OP's idea further more about an Oceania server. How, for the life of me, do you know that they were Australians, did you stick your head through the internet to their IP address and see their face/s to get proof ? As for the word 'asian', ( A person from Asia or with asian roots (that is it, NOTHING more, nothing less, no insults, no looking down on, nothing derogatory.) people use it collectively as they can't ID the face of the player, but confirm asian nationality / countries by the in-game name / voice, or be it disclosed during conversation. So PC policeman, please dismount your horse as it is not that high and you can stand-down as no one is being toxic by using a socially accepted noun to refer to a great culture. PM me if you feel there is more to discuss. Sorry OP for the thread steal, but this mentality needed to be nipped in the bud.
  4. FurphyForum

    Pinkies in team lists

    Fair enough with your opinion. I concur with this statement; a. " in such situation sit-awareness is every captains top responsibility" however, in answer to the second part; a. " If then an idiot curves around the corner into your torps which where meant for the enemy DD 400 m behind that noob who caught them its Your fault ???". would it not be prudent to employ gunfire when the risk and cause is "Blue on Blue" friendly fire when you know - being situational aware of 4 x friendlies in close proximity as your case states? There are other options instead of using torpedo's from depth.
  5. FurphyForum

    Pinkies in team lists

    Really? I thought I was slow on the uptake of a response to a posted thread and I wasn't at all being rough in comment. But I think you've made a mountain out of the proverbial mole hill with your post, but since you want to try and bash, give it your best shot in your rebuttal! I'm going to call you out on this. I have never stated to words of that exact effect; a. "This thread is useless", and b. " I am the only right guy". PROVE me wrong then? My reference is all posted made by SabotON in "General Discussions", in this forum. As for; a. "Nothing to read here". This is line with "Built in Aim-Assist 0.5.8" in General Discussions, as the same ground has been covered, by too and fro, from posters repetitively. The thread is not generating, nor gain signification traction of any new relevance that ( And I am solely speaking about forum readers / posters) players / testers / Mods / WG staff aren't aware of. Now if you think that is rough in comment, as really it's not - you could always wear a tin foil helmet or grab a cup of concrete and harden up. I'm
  6. FurphyForum

    Pinkies in team lists

    We have been through all this before on old threads; Sorry but I don't agree with you. There are no innocents in this case! This means that the individual firing the torpedos is launching from depth, ie BEHIND your team mates, when they (the one's that are hit by friendly fire) are inside of the firers Left / Right safety arc.(Between 10 and 2 'o'clock). IOT negate the individual from turning 'PINK', then they shouldn't launch torpedo's from behind, unless friendlies are well outside of this 10 / 2 safety zone ( this would omitt the 'one or two ships that sail in the binocular mode and make a wild 180 degree turn') OR the only players out in front ARE the red team. Full-stop, end of story. There is no need for friendly fire, unless you want to turn 'PINK' and earn yourself black mark and a ban.
  7. FurphyForum

    Built-in aim hint in 0.5.8

    The same ground is being covered, over and over. MOD - Pls close as there is nothing to see.
  8. FurphyForum

    Built-in aim hint in 0.5.8

    Exactly, Death, exactly
  9. FurphyForum

    Built-in aim hint in 0.5.8

    Blue lining - Nooooooooo not again, though we'd been done with that!
  10. FurphyForum

    0.5.5 Rumours/News

    +1 to this. Stat searching and the 'Chest Beating' starting to become all too much the norm now for some in their reply's.
  11. FurphyForum

    Too many AFKers

    ah, ye old blue liners rears it head again
  12. FurphyForum

    Is the Murmansk any good?

    OP, well worth the money you pay for it, my 2 cents
  13. FurphyForum

    Well here we go

    Guys I don't normally like buying into some of these threads, however, I was on the opposing force to Yobbo and I witnessed what he is describing, Yes I can vouch for what he is describing. I'll leave it at that.
  14. BB South Dakota Class; USS South Dakota BB57, USS Indiana BB58, USS Massachusetts BB59 or USS Alabama BB60.
  15. Oh for [content removed] Sake Profanity. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking